How To Defy Social Norms

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Now here’s a little Friday inspiration for you. Ever since her first ballet lesson at 7 years old, Misa Kuranaga always knew that she wanted to be a professional dancer. However, her petite frame and Asian features were atypical of professional ballet dancers – people said her legs were too short to be graceful, and her features were too flat to show enough emotion.

Instead of succumbing to societal pressure, Misa defied all norms to #ChangeDestiny, and is now the first ever Asian principal dancer for the Boston Ballet.

Watch the video to find out more about her inspiring story.

This post is brought to you by SK-II. Just like how Misa Kuranaga defied what her DNA dictated, SK-II believes that a woman’s destiny is not determined at birth – it is something you create for yourself.

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