Guide to Surviving ZoukOut

The dates are set, the DJ line up revealed and it’s less than a month away from – dare we say – one of Asia’s biggest dance music festivals, ZoukOut.

Packed with both international DJs and Zouk’s resident DJs, the event has a DJ line-up worth, well, lining up for. Whether you’re an outdoor party virgin or a seasoned regular, we’ve got you covered with this essential survival checklist.

(Source: Zouk Blog)


1. Dress Sensibly

This is a huge dance party. On the beach. With possibly no shelter if it rains. You’ll be shaking your derriere from dusk till dawn (literally, no kidding) with your feet in the sand. So excuse us if we tell you to leave your Hervé Léger dress, towering Jimmy Choos and Chanel bag at home. Lockers there are also limited so  trade your Balenciaga City for a small sling bag instead. Besides, it’ll be too dark for anyone to see what brand you’re wearing (or carrying) anyway.

A cautionary note though – just because this is a beach party it doesn’t mean you should dress like a slob. Yes, that means you should leave your ratty tees and pyjama pants at home.

Fuss-free ZoukOut wardrobe and necessities. (Source: Zouk Blog)


2. Bring Only The Necessities

Your photo-ID is essential for entry so don’t forget to pack that in. Don’t forget to charge your phone as well, because it’s highly probable that you might get lost in the crowd.

Your phone is also essential to call for a cab post-party, so save the numbers of all the taxi hotlines before you head down (trust us, one hotline number is not enough…unless you want to spend 30 minutes on hold, only to be hung up on). It’s also a good idea to book a cab in advance if you know what time you want to leave the party. Trust us, it’ll save you a great deal of time and hassle.

The sea of party people you would have to navigate through should you lose your way.
(Source: ZoukOut Official)


3. Cash is King

ZoukOut really isn’t the place to whip out your credit card to impress the ladies. To get drinks, you need to buy coupons with cash so make sure you have enough for the night (and for the cab ride home).

With the massive crowds thronging the drinks booth, you wouldn’t want to have to fight your way through only to find that they don’t accept credit card. Don’t count on getting cash from the ATMs either (unless it’s an emergency), unless you want to waste good party time waiting in a long line.

If you ever need spare change, you know 50 Cent is just a call away. (Source: Bossip)


4. StudyThe DJ Schedule

One of the essential things to do once you’re on site is to grab the programme. Check when your favourite DJs are going to be up on deck, so you can be sure to get a good spot. From our experience, headliners don’t usually start until after 3 in the morning.

Above and Beyond(Source: ZoukOut)


5. Drink Sparingly

Queues for drinks will be long. But the queues for the restrooms? They’ll be insanely long (especially when you’re urgent). There are going to be thousands of people drinking their fill, and this only means one thing – bursting bladders galore.

Trust us when we tell you to start the night out with an empty bladder, because you really don’t want to be kicked out (and possibly arrested) for taking an emergency pee in the sand.

Nobody, wants to be part of this queue. Ever. (Source: Flickr)


6. Try Not To Get Pissed Drunk (Seriously)

Sure, it’s a party and you’ve got to live it up. But you wouldn’t want to get too drunk to enjoy your favourite DJs would you? Besides, vomiting on the beach is just asking for your friends to blackmail you with Instagram photos of your shining moment.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from Jersey Shore, wasted on a beach before actually getting arrested for disorderly conduct. Not a good look, ladies. (Source: The Superficial)


7. Socialize And Party On

Long queues and bad phone reception aside, ZoukOut is the biggest outdoor party of the year so don’t let the crowds get you down. Let your hair down and enjoy the good music (and possible eye-candy).

(Source: ZoukOut Official)


For more information, visit ZoukOut’s Official Website.