Funny Animal Websites

If you’re ever bored at work, these funny animal websites will give you a giggle or two. Besides, if your boss catches you, she’ll probably soften at the sight of these furry critters (as any normal human being would). After all, who can resist a cute animal doing something funny?

Upside Down Dogs

Who would’ve thought that pictures of dogs lying upside down could be so entertaining? Although the layout of the website leaves much to be desired, Upside Down Dogs has a collection silly dog photos that will keep you from falling asleep at work. Our favourites are the Basset Hound and German Shepherd gallery.

 (Source: Upside Down Dogs)

Animal Capshunz

This website contains a collection of animals doing funny things, with equally funny (and clever captions). Whether it’s a pair of otters in a Titanic-style embrace, or (what seems to be) a dancing polar bear, you can be sure you’ll get a few laughs from here.

(Source: Animal Capshunz)

Cute Little Kittens

Here’s one for the cat lovers. Just as the title so aptly states, this website is a chockfull of cute kitten pictures. You can even rate each picture on its cuteness level, just like Hot or Not…but for cats.

(Source: Cute Little Kittens)

Oolong the Rabbit

Okay so the website is all in Japanese, and most of the links are broken and I think Oolong himself is no longer alive BUT this was too cute to not put on this list. Trained to balance objects on his head by his Japanese owner Hironori Akutagawa, Oolong has skillfully balanced a pancaketea cupa stack of cookies, and even a pot of tea (probably Oolong) on his head. The original website is pretty difficult to navigate, so check out Oolong’s gravity-defying pics here and here instead.

(Source: Oolong the Rabbit Tumblr)

Food On My Dog

While we’re on the topic of animals balancing stuff on their heads, who says dogs can’t do it too? Tiger the dog has the uncanny ability to balance various objects on his head (mostly food). And yes, she gets to eat the food after performing her balancing act.

(Source: Food On My Dog)