7 Things You Should Know About The Rio Olympics

Yes, you can actually watch live coverage from the Rio Olympics. And legally, too.

1. OK, so how exactly do we watch the Rio Olympics?

After much delay, local broadcaster Mediacorp finally announced that they managed to secure a last minute deal for the airing rights. The live broadcasts will take place everyday from 6 to 22 August 2016 on okto and Toggle.

Rio 2016 Olympics(Source: Rio 2016 Facebook Page)

2. Team Singapore

Singapore has sent a team of 25 athletes to compete in 7 sports for the Rio Olympics. This year’s sailing team is the biggest one to date, with a total of 6 athletes. The swimming team though, is the smallest one Singapore has sent in 35 years, with just 3 representatives competing in the Games.

Team Singapore Rio Olympics(Source: rio2016.com)

3. Will Singapore win a medal this year?

Star swimmer Joseph Schooling is a promising candidate for an Olympic medal this year, as he bagged a bronze medal in the World Aquatics Championships last year. The 21-year-old athlete qualified for three events at this year’s Rio Olympics, but dropped out of the 200m butterfly race to conserve his energy for the other two 100m races.

Catch Joseph Schooling in the Men’s 100m freestyle and 100m butterfly on 10 August, 12.02am and 12 August, 1.16am respectively.

Joseph Schooling(Source: Joseph Isaac Schooling Facebook Page)

4. Singapore’s first Olympic rower

Saiyidah Aisyah is the first ever Singaporean rower to qualify for the Olympics, and so far she’s been faring well at this year’s Games. The 28-year-old athlete finished third in her heat on 6 August, and has qualified for the quarter-finals of the women’s single sculls.

Catch Saiyidah Aisyah in her next race on 9 august, 8.10pm.

Saiyidah Aisyah Rower(Source: Aisyah Rower Facebook Page)

5. Could this be Derek Wong’s last Olympics?

While many new athletes are making their debut at the Rio Olympics, it may well be shuttler Derek Wong’s last one. The top Singaporean badminton player defeated Israel’s representative at the 2012 London Olympics, but has recently expressed his desire to slow down after the Rio Olympics.

Derek Wong Badminton(Source: SportSG)

6. The first ever refugee Olympic team

In light of the recent worldwide refugee crisis, the International Olympic Committee declared the formation of the first ever Refugee Olympic Team. The selection process took three months, with the final team consisting of 10 athletes. Half of the athletes are from Kenya, while Syrian Yusra Mardini is the only female swimmer on the team.

Refugee Team Rio Olympics(Source: International Olympic Committee)

7. Team USA is baller as hell.

It’s no secret that the athletes at the Rio Olympics have been less than impressed with their accommodation, but Team USA has taken things a step further. The team chartered a luxury cruise ship to house its prized basketball team, with a spa, pool, gym and chefs on board. The cruise ship is also heavily guarded by armed patrol teams. Wonder if there’s a casino on board too?

Team USA Rio Olympics(Source: nextshark.com)


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