10 Reasons To Catch The National Day Parade 2016

Not that you need more reasons to catch, oh I don’t know, the biggest national event of the year? Just kidding. Here are some highlights to watch out for at this year’s National Day Parade.

1. Fireworks, duh.

And we’re not just talking the usual outdoor display, but indoor fireworks too – along the stage, the performance area, the ramps, the roof…pretty much, the works.

Even if you’re not watching the Parade live at the Stadium, you’ll still probably be able to see the fireworks from buildings nearby. Good spots to catch the fireworks display include Kallang Riverside Park, Republic Avenue, Tanjong Rhu Place and…the Burger King at Kallang Wave Mall (no harm having a Mushroom Swiss while you’re watching fireworks right).

NDP 2016 Indoor Fireworks(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

2. Major #throwback, anyone?

This year’s edition of the Parade will finally return to the iconic National Stadium…after 10 years. Nostalgia aside, the different setup means that organisers had a fresh slate to work with – so you can expect new additions like aerial dancers and suspended props. Cool beans.

NDP 2016 National Stadium(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

3. No more cheesy acts.

OK less cheesy acts, at least. Look, I’m sorry Sang Nila Utama, but everyone kind of knows your story already. Same goes for you, Sir Stamford Raffles.

Unlike previous years, which focused more on Singapore’s history, this year’s National Day Parade is all about looking to the future. Besides the highly anticipated indoor fireworks, viewers can also expect futuristic elements like 3D Projection Displays, drones and more.

NDP 2016 3D Displays(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

4. OK, but there’s this dude called Badang…

…who was apparently quite the hero in Singaporean folklore. This year’s Parade focuses on Badang’s lesser known tale, which basically involves him acquiring superpowers, fighting a monster, saving the villagers and generally being an all-around badass. In fact, Badang is so cool that he started wearing gladiator sandals even before it got mainstream. #onpoint

NDP 2016 Badang

5. Flying Unicorns!

Which, let’s face it, should be a good enough reason alone to catch the Parade, no? According to PM Lee, Singapore is just like a unicorn – unique and one-of-a-kind. Aww, shucks. We think we’re special snowflakes too. *shy*

And about that unicorn – hold your horses, because there’s going to be a seven-year-old performer riding the suspended unicorn model, which will be adorned in colourful LED lights. Now, how does one sign up for a job like that eh?

NDP 2016 Flying Unicorn(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

6. Aerial Performances

Step aside Cirque du Soleil, because the SAF Music and Drama Company will be doing some kick-ass mid-air acrobatics at this year’s National Day Parade. The show will comprise of 25 aerial performers and 29 aerial props, with a high-tech aerial system linked to the roof of the National Stadium. Fancy.

NDP 2016 Aerial Performance(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

7. Catchy Music

You know your favourite part about the Parade is singing along to all your favourite National Day songs. Two thumbs up for this year’s theme song Tomorrow’s Here Today, which was composed by Don Richmond and performed by local band 53A.

This year’s Parade will also have an official song-singing segment for the first time ever, so now you have a legit reason to belt out classics like Home and Count On Me Singapore. Now go forth and sing your heart out.

8. Flag Crowd Surfing?

Call us cheesy, but the State Flag Flypast by the Republic of Singapore Air Force always makes our hearts swell up with pride. Every. single. time.

In addition to the State Flag Flypast, this year’s Parade will also include a segment where huge (and we mean huge, like one-third the size of a basketball court) Singapore flags are passed along the crowd – which symbolises how everyone plays a part in Singapore’s future, of course.

NDP 2016 National Flag(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

9. Military precision drill displays are kinda cool.

Ok scratch that, really cool. I mean, can you manoeuvre a rifle like that?

NDP 2016 Military Precision Drills(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

10. The contingent inspection segment is strangely compelling.

It’s like, where’s the President going to stop? What is he saying to that soldier? Is anyone going to sneeze? What if you need to scratch your nose?! The mystery continues…

NDP 2016 Parade Contingent(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

Watch the National Day Parade 2016 live on the NDPeeps YouTube channel, 9 August at 6.30pm.

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