8 Reasons To Catch The National Day Parade 2014

1. You get to sing along to corny National Day songs you grew up with.

We don’t have a new National Day song this year, but let’s face it – old favourites like Home are still the best ones to sing along to. Don’t lie, you know they make you feel something OK.

Image Credit: Youtube, Perfect Group

(Source: perfectgroup Youtube)

2. It’s one of the few times you’ll ever get to watch fireworks in Singapore.

Because fireworks and firecrackers are banned in Singapore – except at certain events like the National Day Parade. (And for good reason too, because who wants firecracker-loving neighbours?) Also, the annual NDP fireworks display always makes the Singapore skyline look postcard-worthy.

Image Credit: www.straitstimes.com

(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

3. Trying to spot the fighter jets is surprisingly exciting.

Maybe it’s the distinctively loud roar of the engines, but the fighter jet segment always has us running to the window to see if we can spot them flying over.

Image Credit: uofmsgsa.files.wordpress.com/(Source: uofmsgsa.files.wordpress.com)

4. You can place bets on how long the Parade Commander can go without taking a breath.

OK, how amazing is this guy? Belting out a string of Malay commands at the top of your lungs (without cracking your voice) is no easy task. He would totally give Beyonce a run for her money.

Image Credit: Photobucket

(Source: Photobucket)

5. You can also place bets on who the President is going to stop and talk to during the parade contingent inspection.

It probably feels like when you’re at a Taylor Swift concert and she touches your hand and you feel really special. Also, how do the guards stand so still? What if someone needs to sneeze?!

Image Credit: www.straitstimes.com

(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

6. You get to see parachuters do free-fall jumps.

And in formation too. With trails of red smoke marking their paths, no less.

Image Credit: flickr.com

(Source: Flickr)

7. The National Anthem kinda makes you swell up with pride.

Somehow the National Anthem always sounds a lot more inspiring during the NDP (as opposed to singing it during morning assembly in school). Maybe it’s because you realise that everyone (who grew up in Singapore, at least) knows how to sing Majulah Singapura. Either that, or they have a really good sound system.

Image Credit: Singaporetravelholic.com(Source: Travelholic Singapore)

8. This year’s National Day Parade will be the last one at Marina Bay “for at least a few years“.

Nooo….y u take away our Instagram-worthy backdrop!!

NDP fireworks(Source: Expat Kiwis)