How To Survive The Color Run

For those of you who don’t know, The Color Run is a 5km fun run that promises to be well, colourful. Whether you’re a veteran or newbie, here are some helpful tips to make your experience even more amazing.

1. Travel light

Although there will be a baggage drop area at the event (as well as lockers all over Sentosa), travelling light is still the way to go. You’re probably going to get really dirty colourful during the event, so the last thing you want is to get paint all over your stuff. If you’re driving to the event, you might also want to leave a big towel or change of clothes in the car. Don’t forget to bring some wet wipes too.

The Color Run Singapore 1(Source: The Color Run Singapore Facebook)

2. Wear sunnies

Runners will be sprayed with coloured powder at different stations throughout the route, so wear a pair of sunnies (or protective eye gear) to ensure that nothing gets into your eyes. Safety first, ya’ll.

The Color Run Singapore 6(Source: The Color Run Singapore Facebook)

3. Get scarf-ed

The race pack usually comes with a scarf, so use it to cover your mouth while running past the spray stations. You can also tie it around your head to shield your hair from the spray.

If the powder really bothers you, you can always choose not to run past the stations (but where’s the fun in that eh?).

The Color Run Singapore 3(Source: The Color Run Singapore Facebook)

4. White is right

Want an extra Instaworthy photo post-marathon? Wear white, so the coloured powder will really stand out. Leave your designer clothes at home though – the coloured powder might not completely wash off, so it’s best not to take a chance. Anyway, don’t you want to keep your coloured T-shirt as a souvenir from the event?

The Color Run Singapore 2(Source: The Color Run Singapore Facebook)

5. Protect your phone

If you’re planning to bring your phone to the event (how else would you Snapchat right?), be sure to slip it into a Ziploc bag or protective casing so it won’t get dirty. The coloured powder can really stick, so you probably wouldn’t want it all over your precious phone.

The Color Run Singapore 5(Source: The Color Run Singapore Facebook)

6. It’s a fun run!

The Color Run is an untimed event, so don’t feel like you have to train seriously for it (or run all the way). It’s also more fun in a group, so gather your friends for an afternoon of colourful and calorie-burning fun. Don’t forget to take a celebratory we-fie!

The Color Run Singapore 4(Source: The Color Run Singapore Facebook)

The Color Run is on 20 & 21 August 2016 at Sentosa Beach Station, Palawan Green. See here for more information on tickets and event details.


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