7 Reasons To Check Out Singapore Rendezvous 2016

Fancy experiencing the Tai Tai life? This month, the inaugural Singapore Rendezvous 2016 will take over Raffles Marina with yacht exhibits, supercar displays, photo exhibitions and more. Here are some cool reasons to check out the event.

singapore-rendezvous-2016(Source: Singapore Rendezvous 2016)

1. An amazing showcase of luxury yachts

Including the grand Royal Albatross, which was featured in The Dark Knight – and yes, you can take all the photos you want. If you want to really be a baller though, you can rent the Batman-worthy boat for a hefty $5000 per hour price tag. There will also be luxury yachts on display from some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Princess Yachts and Gulf Craft. For more details on the yacht lineup, see here.

singapore-rendezvous-princess-yachts(Source: Singapore Rendezvous 2016)

2. Oh and have we mentioned the display of supercars?

Lamborghinis, to be specific. Parked against the backdrop of Raffles Marina. Can anyone say Snapchat-worthy?

singapore-rendezvous-lamborghini(Source: Singapore Rendezvous 2016)

3. Vintage vehicles galore

If you’re more of a vintage car person, the event will also have a line-up of classic vehicles for your viewing pleasure. Besides Vespas, you can also expect to see the famous 1961 Morris Minor, which has now been transformed into an art piece by Singaporean artist Chieu Shuey Fook.

singapore-rendezvous-vintage-car(Source: Singapore Rendezvous 2016)

4. Leica photo exhibition

Leica, which is the official photography partner for Singapore Rendezvous 2016, will be holding a photo exhibition and workshop for aspiring photographers at the event. Learn more about photography from the pros, then put those tips into practice at the scenic Raffles Marina.

There will also be a lucky draw at the event, so who knows, you just might walk away with some new Leica products.

singapore-rendezvous-leica(Source: Singapore Rendezvous 2016)

5. A showcase of expensive watches

If expensive watches are your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that Genevan watchmaker deLaCour will be showcasing five collections of timepieces at the event. The Reflect Tourbillon will also be presented at the event for the first time in Asia.

singapore-rendezvous-delaccour-watches(Source: Singapore Rendezvous 2016)

6. Good food

Well, this is a given isn’t it? Guests at the event can look forward to a mobile caravan laden with goodies like cider slushies and an afternoon tea buffet. Champagne brand Perrier-Jouët will also be launching their new bottle design at the event.

singapore-rendezvous-champagne(Source: Singapore Rendezvous 2016)

7. Stilt walkers! Caricature artists! Live jazz!

If yachts, cars, photography  or watches aren’t your jam, you can still have loads of fun at the many entertainment activities during the event. Besides stilt walkers, caricature artists and live jazz, there will also be a pool party with international DJs. Oh, and have we mentioned the amazing view from Raffles Marina?

singapore-rendezvous-raffles-marina(Source: Singapore Rendezvous 2016)

Singapore Rendezvous 2016 will take place from 21 to 23 October 2016 at Raffles Marina. Get your tickets here.

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