7 Reasons To Catch The National Day Parade 2017

Whether you’re catching the National Day Parade 2017 live or at home, here are some cool things to watch out for this year.

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1. Southeast Asia’s largest unmanned drone performance

For the first time ever, this year’s Parade will include an impressive display of unmanned drones. 300 drones will fly above the stadium in a five-minute light show, displaying several pre-programmed formations of the Merlion, an outline of Singapore’s island and more. Cool beans.

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2. A really cool, electric guitar-playing grandma

You know what just might be cooler than a drones display? A cool af 81-year old grandma who kills it on the electric guitar. This year’s National Day Parade will feature an electric guitar solo by Madam Mary Ho (also known by her stage name Grandma Mary), who has played at numerous concerts and even has her own album. What a rockstar.

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3. Mosquito Puppets (Yes, really.)

You know the battle against mosquitoes is serious business when it gets plugged in the National Day Parade. This year’s edition will feature performers dancing their way through the audience with mosquito puppets, encouraging everyone to clap along (and kill some mosquitoes in the process, maybe).

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4. A robot host

This year’s National Day Parade is getting a new-age upgrade, in the form of an autonomous robot created by a research team from Nanyang Technological University. The Edgar-2 robot, which moves and talks (albeit in a rather uncle-like manner), will host segments of the Parade alongside four human hosts. Apparently that’s not all Edgar-2 is capable of though – it can be programmed to engage in other social activities too. Impressive, or slightly creepy? You decide.

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5. An impressive Military Tattoo

No, not that kind of tattoo. A military tattoo consists of soldiers marching in artistic formations to music, but this year’s display will take things up a notch with a singing segment. The 170 performers of the military tattoo will include bagpipers from the Singapore Police Force Women Police Pipes and Drums, along with participants from the combined band and the Silent Precision Drill Squad. The performance will feature six dynamic formations of the Singapore skyline, the Merlion and more.

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6. A better (and louder) Aerial Display

The National Day Parade is never complete without an aerial display, and this year’s edition definitely won’t disappoint. Instead of the F-16 fighter jets which were used in previous years, this year’s Aerial Salute will feature a bomb burst manoeuvre performed with bigger F-15SG jets. Basically, you’ll be able to see and hear the fighter jets better, so be sure to whip out your phone for that Instastory you know you want to take.

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7. This giant float of an Old Chang Kee curry puff

AKA one of the real icons of Singapore. Also, if you post a selfie of yourself with the Old Chang Kee float, you could stand to win a $10 voucher from them – that’s a lot of curry puffs, my friend. Details here.

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