Cute Guys Taking Selfies In Exotic Places

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If there’s anything that will catch our attention, it’s a cute guy doing something funny. In this clever video by Turkish Airlines, basketball star Kobe Bryant and football pro Lionel Messi have a selfie face-off as they fly to exotic parts of the world (via Turkish Airlines, of course). No wonder the video has over 131 million views and counting.

Messi and KobeKobe photobombs Messi’s selfie at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kobe SharkKobe swims with sharks in Cape Town, Africa (and somehow finds the time to give a thumbs up to the camera).

Messi MonkeyMessi squeezes in time for a selfie with a monkey.

Kobe LionKobe one-ups Messi by getting a lick from a lion.

Check out the full video here: