Cool Websites

Instead of stalking people on Facebook or trolling 9GAG, try procrastinating on these other websites instead.

1. icanhascheezburger

No, this is not a fast food website. But, if you’re sick of looking at people for a day, why not go on a rampage of ‘awwws’ as you browse through page after page of pure, unadulterated cuteness. There are a catillion (cat plus million, catillion, get it? No? ) pictures of cats, smaller cats, fat cats and other animals doing cute things like getting stuck inside a trash can. Oh and did we mention that the entire website is in LOLspeak? It takes some getting used to but trust us, once you start you just can’t stop.

(Source: icanhascheezburger)

2. boredpanda

Ever thought that a pair of socks could go a long way in creating a portrait of a famous Chinese film director?

This aptly named website is great for procrastinators and the truly bored. Ranging from videos, pictures, to random (but interesting) facts, this site will banish any boredom that plagues you on a lonely Saturday night.

(Source: Bored Panda)

3. People of Walmart

Who would have thought that the check-out aisle at Walmart would be the perfect place to propose? People of Walmart chronicles the strange situations (and creatures) that venture into the American retail giant known for its discounted prices. Sure to garner a few giggles, if not gasps.

(Source: People of Walmart)

4. What Should We Call Me

If you ever need a quick laugh (or you need a distraction from work), check out this funny Tumblr site that posts GIFs of people (and sometimes animals) with exaggerated expressions. The real kick, however, comes from the punchy taglines – which aptly describe the aforementioned expressions.

(Source: whatshouldwecallme)

5. Hyperbole and a Half

Take a trip back to your younger years with the comic-style blog posts that Allie of Hyperbole and a Half writes and illustrates. Her posts on the daily musings of her life are hilarious (Don’t know what to do in the middle of an awkward silence? Try a sudden loud noise.) and her witty one-liners are sure to keep you reading for hours on end. And that’s no hyperbole on our part.

(Source: Hyperbole and a half)
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