Cool Gift Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

Christmas gift shopping got you stumped? Here’s a guide to getting the perfect present for (almost) everyone in your life.

1. For The Dad Who Has No Time To Relax: Osim uChill

Available online or at Osim stores in Singapore. | Price: $1,699

If your dad is a real workaholic, he just might appreciate this ingenious office chair integrated with a Dual-3D massage system. The Osim uChill is designed ergonomically for better comfort and posture, with massage features that relax the neck, shoulders and lumbar. It is a little pricey as far as Christmas gifts go, but hey, who can put a price on your dad’s happiness eh?

osim-uchill-massage-office-chair(Source: Osim)

2. For The House-Proud Mom: Comme Home Copper and Marble Gift Set

Available at Comme Home. | Price: $129 | Standard shipping takes 1 – 3 working days.

Want to really impress Mom this year? Skip the usual bath gel set (she probably has too many anyway) and get her some classy homeware instead. These Copper and Marble gift sets will spruce up her home in no time. Oh and have we mentioned how some of the sets are on sale? The perfect excuse to get one for yourself too. #treatyoself

comme-home-copper-and-marble-set(Source: Comme Home)

3. For The Awkward Younger Brother: Netflix or Spotify Subscription

Netflix subscription – from $10.98 per month | Spotify subscription – from $9.90 per month

Ahh younger siblings. Sometimes you love them, and sometimes…they annoy the heck out of you. One thing’s for sure though – you’re stuck with them for life, so you may as well play nice.

This Christmas, give them the gift of entertainment, with a Netflix or Spotify subscription that will surely be appreciated. I mean, if your younger brother is going to hole up in his room all day, he might as well be watching or listening to something good. With a plethora of options available on these on-demand services, you’ll definitely score some brownie points (which may come in handy when you need future favours).

netflix(Source: Netflix)

4. For The Busy Older Sister: Laneige Basic Duo Set

Available at Laneige boutiques and counters in Singapore. | Price: $86  

Your busy sister may not have much time to relax, but you can still give her a reason to pamper herself. The Laneige Basic Duo Set is a beautifully-packaged set of the brand’s best-selling products, so it’s the perfect excuse for her to indulge a little. Plus, have you seen the pretty packaging? Just shut up and take my money already.

laneige_holiday-basic-duo-set(Source: Laneige)

5. For The BFF Who’s Scored A New Job: Luxemono Monogrammed Card Case 

Available online at Luxemono. | Price: From $42 | Standard shipping takes 3 – 5 working days.

Show your support for your best girl with a personalised card holder (or ID case) from Luxemono, a local brand that offers personalised but practical gift ideas. A classy card case with her initials stamped on will come in handy during those midday coffee runs or lunch meetings – so this is one gift your BFF will surely appreciate.

luxemono-monogrammed-card-case(Source: Luxemono Facebook)

6. For Your Office Secret Santa: Starbucks Coffee Tumbler

Available at Starbucks stores in Singapore. | Price: From $24.90

Skip the tacky Hello Kitty mug this year and get your Secret Santa something she’ll actually use – like a sleek coffee tumbler from Starbucks, for instance. She’ll also get 50 cents off her next cuppa whenever she brings the tumbler to Starbucks, so this is truly the gift that keeps on giving. And hey, if you’re feeling especially generous, you can also throw in a Starbucks gift card as the cherry on top.

starbucks-singapore-coffee-tumbler(Source: Starbucks Singapore Facebook)

7. For Your Intimidating In-Laws: Customised Gift Hamper

Available at Simply Hamper. | Price: From $70 | Same-day delivery available on weekdays. See here for more information.

Getting your in-laws a gift can be fairly tricky, because it has to be both impressive and thoughtful. The perfect solution? A personalised hamper that can be customised with your own images and message. Online gift store Simply Hamper has a nifty feature which allows you to select a hamper from dozens of choices, then customise the packaging with a photo or template. They also offer free delivery on personalised hampers, so this is pretty much a no-brainer for your in-laws.

simply-hamper(Source: Simply Hamper)

8. For Your Loyal Helper (Who Never Tells On You)

Available on ezbuy. | Price: $14.95 | Delivery time may vary, based on seller and shipping method.

This Christmas, don’t forget to show your appreciation for your trusty helper – especially since she’s privy to information you may not want your parents to know (Didn’t come home last night? Had a party at home while your parents were away? Yeah, she knows everything.). This foldable waterproof tote bag is a practical and thoughtful gift – so you can bet she’ll appreciate it (and keep your secrets, ahem).

foldable-tote-bag(Source: ezbuy)

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