What Inspires Me

Sorry I know it’s been a while since my last update. The usual excuse would apply – I’ve been very busy, etc. Coupled with the fact that I’m not a natural writer, so blogging is really tough for me!

It’s already a struggle trying to post stuff on my Twitter, but I’m trying… Although lately I’ve taken more to Instagram because I don’t have to read or write much. I’m a visual person so reading plain text bores me.

Lately many people have asked how I come up with ideas for my shows/videos, so I got inspired to write about what inspires me.

My Parents
They inspire me so much creatively but I don’t think they even realize just how much.

You see my dad is probably one of the funniest people I know, but he doesn’t try to be funny – he just is.

My siblings and I started compiling some of my dad’s quotes over the years, and here’re a few. (He says it all with a completely serious straight face btw)

“You know where the safest place to hide your money is? In your underpants. That’s why you should always buy the ones with a little pocket.”

“I need a cap to keep my ears warm. Like the kind murderers wear. What are they called? Oh yes – beanies.”

“Huh why is this calendar so small? Only a mouse can read it. Siao!”

“Why are your shoes furry? Did you chop up a little lamb and make it into a boot?”

Compared to my dad, my mom’s a lot more normal, but she’s like the straight character vs. my dad’s eccentric one – just like in a comedy duo.

One night my mom felt a sudden sense of uneasiness, and shortly after, she discovered that a huge glass pane in the house had shattered. The next morning she got a call that my sister (who was living in the US at that time) had gotten into a car accident.

When she told my dad about her premonition…

DAD: I believe you have ESP. Not many people have it you know. You have the gift.

MOM: CHOY AH!!! I don’t want this kind of thing lah! Ask me to predict all the bad things that will happen?!? CHOY LAH!!!

DAD: Well, you can’t choose to have the ESP. You either have it or you don’t. And you have it.

Quirky Things
I’ve always found myself drawn to things that are a little weird and unconventional since I was young. Maybe it’s because I was an odd, awkward kid myself – I’m not sure. But I remember always having an affinity for things that other kids didn’t like.

My favourite character from Muppet Babies wasn’t Miss Piggy, Kermit, or even Gonzo. I loved Animal (pink monster, far right). Actually I was also drawn to the strange egghead man with no eyes and one strand of hair (fourth from the left), but he wasn’t as famous and I never knew his name.


My favourite Looney Tunes character wasn’t even in the main cast.

It was this giant furry monster called Gossamer. My brother even bought me a giant Gossamer stuffed toy once for my birthday. I was 18.


Favourite dog? Golden Retrievers are cute, but I’d still pick a Bull Terrier over it any day.

I’m not quite sure what this says about me, but I guess I’m drawn to life’s little quirks and oddities, which are a constant source of inspiration for my work.

I watch more hours on YouTube than I do traditional TV. I love how you have such a wide spectrum of content online, and even the most random videos can spark off my next idea.

Most people do Google searches but I do YouTube searches, and I’ve watched everything from popular music videos to white noise. I guess it’s also because I much prefer watching a video to reading an article.

(Once I was asked in an interview what someone should do if he can’t fall asleep, and I didn’t know because I never have problems sleeping. So I YouTubed it and that’s how I ended up with videos of white noise.)

Anyway, one of my favourite YouTube stars is GloZell;  I think she’s absolutely hilarious. Watch and you’ll see why.

Last but not least…

The People Around Me
My husband, my siblings, my friends and colleagues. I have a colourful group of people in my life and they’re a constant source of inspiration. Sometimes they give me actual usable suggestions, other times ideas pop into my head just by being around them.

So I guess life itself inspires me, and I see interesting ideas every day, everywhere, in everyone. Most of the time, I’ll see something and my thought process will be something like this:

1. I wonder what would happen if…

2. Can I make it happen? (Most of the time the answer is – are you crazy of course not)

3. But IF the answer is yes, then I make it happen.

The best ideas mean nothing if they just linger in your head, and I’ve always believed that at the end of the day, the idea is just 5% – the remaining 95% is execution.