Show Titles and Logos

I always find it a challenge coming up with the right identity for a show – namely the title and logo. You want it to aptly encapsulate what the show’s about, but it also needs to be catchy and have mass appeal. Here’s a look at what went down with some of our shows – before they were shows.

Some show titles in the running were:
– Shop Hop
– Bargain Bin
– Shop Spend and Save (what we were thinking with this one, absolutely horrible)

Titles that Qiu came up with (which are just so her lol):
– Budget Bagus Buy
– Loots In My Boot
– Share Leh

Unfortunately, none of the titles felt right.

And then…Qiu’s boyfriend (now fiancé Josh) came up with…BUDGET BARBIE.

We LOVED it.

Some draft logo concepts


The final product


Hutch came up with this title and when we heard it, we knew that was it so we didn’t even consider anything else.

We liked the fourth concept best, so it was tweaked and ended up looking like this:


NOW YOU KNOW could’ve also been called…
The Lowdown/Skinny/Scoop/Dish
News You Can Use
Your News Feed
Did You Know

Early logo concepts


Final logo


This was one of our earliest shows and we didn’t even have a show logo when it first launched…

Added one in Episode 24


Updated it in Episode 100


I don’t even remember how we came up with the title “Xiaxue’s Guide To Life” but I guess it was going to be a show about anything so that title seemed versatile enough.



This was originally supposed to be Paul vs. Joakim (the guy from Singapore Idol). But things didn’t pan out with Joakim because he was signed to MediaCorp and it just got complicated. So we decided to change the direction of the show to a battle of the sexes one instead.

We’d met Kay Kay through Wendy (Xiaxue) and thought she might be a good fit with Paul. Thankfully our hunch was right.

As for the title, our producer then (Ashley) just blurted it out one day while we were walking to the Nasi Padang place for lunch. When you hit the right title, a bell goes off in everyone’s heads and immediately it’s like “YES THAT’S IT!”.