Our Office Hamster’s Incredible Escape

6 months ago, we bought a hamster for the office and named her Nudge.

Ok I don’t know if it’s one of those things where every parent always thinks their baby is the cutest in the world…but Nudge really was very cute and had the quirkiest personality!

She even had her own live web show and we put up videos of her silliness every now and then. Over time, she earned her fair share of fans who watched her antics and even discussed her weight gain like they do of our other show hosts.

Nudge’s suicide attempt

Nudge breaks her wheel

Nudge slips and falls off her platform

So it seems only fitting that a hamster like Nudge would leave us in the most dramatic fashion.

Flashback to 2 months ago. One morning, we discovered Nudge was missing from her tank. We frantically looked around the office and thankfully we found her running under one of our desks. Minor panic but she was safely back in her tank soon after.

There were only 2 holes in her tank, so we figured she probably escaped by balancing on top of her wheel long enough to leap to the edge of Hole #1? Improbable but not impossible.

So as a preventative measure, we sealed Hole #1 with tape (and poked tiny holes in the tape for ventilation), but Hole #2 was left open.

A few days ago, we discovered she was missing again. The tape covering Hole #1 was still intact which meant she could’ve only escaped from Hole #2. Which also meant she climbed to the top of her water tank, leapt a distance about 4 times her height to grab on to the edge of the hole, pulled herself up, then jumped off to freedom.

We searched everywhere in the office but she was nowhere to be found, so she probably slipped under the gap of our office door and ran off. Either that or someone kidnapped her from the tank. I can’t think of any other explanation.

It’s been a few days so we’ve come to terms with the fact that she’s never coming back. We can’t even buy another hamster at this point in time, because no matter what, the new hamster will never be as special as Nudge 🙁

Nudge’s now empty tank

Anyway I can’t believe I just wrote a whole blog post about a hamster. If anyone spots a white hamster running around the Bugis area please return her to us. Sigh, she might even have made it across the border to JB by now who knows. And if someone really kidnapped her, that is just really warped who does that?!! Give her back!!!