New Food Show On!

I hope you’re not on a diet, because you’ll want to check out some of the places on clicknetwork‘s new food show, Foodporn. Host Irene Ang will check out places with Instagram-worthy food, including Nutella bun duckies (see below, you don’t want to miss this) and chicken neck (yes, neck!).

I snooped around on set at Lower East Side, where they do Mexican-inspired food.


Irene practising her Spanish. “Amigo! Gracias! Got what else ah? Taqueria!”


The producers had Irene try some of Lower East Side’s signature dishes, including…chicken neck.

“Chicken WHAT?” says Irene. “You guys know I don’t even eat chicken feet right? RIGHT??”


But the producers were just like:

Meh Grumpy Cat

But inside they were all like:

Laughing Cat 2

As it turns out, chicken neck is actually quite tasty. “Like a high-class chicken wing you know,” says Irene, as she gnaws at a piece thoughtfully.


Time for a selfie with the chef, Claudio!


Lower East Side also has an Ultimate Hotness Challenge, with some REALLY spicy tacos. They look pretty innocuous in the photo below, but judging from Irene’s reactions…they seem diarrhoea-inducing.


“I don’t do spicy food very well leh,” Irene pleads with the director. “I have to host a charity event in two days OK!”

“It’s not too bad, just leave it and the burn will go away…in about 10 minutes,” chef Claudio says. Irene looks at him dubiously.

IMG_0330 2

“KYAHHHHH IT BURNS!” Irene hacks, as she attempts to swallow a bite of the spicy taco. “If you have any enemies…ask them to do this challenge.”


Remember to catch Foodporn on clicknetwork, coming out in early June! The first episode will feature these amazing Nutella-filled duckies, so you’ll definitely want to catch it.