It’s a Date! – Behind the Scenes

If you’re a fan of clicknetwork‘s show It’s a Date!, you’ll probably be pleased to know that there’s more. The show is coming back and it’s taking on a new “Dating Tutorials” spin – with hilarious comedy sketches that illustrate the do’s and don’ts of dating. Yes, that includes awkward first dates, getting out of the friend zone and more.

The first episode of It’s a Date! Tutorials will be out at on 22nd October 2013, but I snooped around on set to get the first scoop.


The first order of the day around here, it seems, is McDonald’s breakfast. Ahh, nothing like a healthy start to the day.

I also spy a bag of snacks. BBQ Twisties! And caramel popcorn! Yes, I like this crew already.


I check out the rest of the place as the crew sets up and the actors get their hair and makeup done. They’re shooting at an apartment called Wilby Bukit Timah, and it overlooks a swimming pool with dolphin statues.


Unfortunately, we don’t get to shoot at the pool (so inviting…), and the crew sets up in one of the bedrooms instead.


No action goin’ on in the bed though (this is a PG show, I hear), but actor Shane Mardjuki gets positioned at the desk. He’s doing a scene on online dating so he accesses his online dating profile on a laptop.

“I only have 3 messages?!” he says with disdain. “You guys said Munah got over a hundred.”

There there Shane, you’ll catch up in time. Maybe.


Meanwhile, as Shane is doing his scenes, actress Munah Bagharib is busy doing something equally as important…


We move on to the next scene, where Shane and Munah are supposed to be playing video games at home.


This may seem like an innocuous scene, but it quickly escalates into some heated action on the couch. Shane has really flexible hamstrings, it seems. Maybe he should consider being a yoga teacher some day?

shanemunahcouch1 shanemunahcouch2 shanemunahcouch3

Time for the next scene – it’s a drunk confession one and Shane has to sing a song and do a dance. He nails it, even if his pants are a little restrictive.

date2 date1

Shane and Munah veer off the script a little and end up in very questionable positions. Shane also finds it in himself to start twerking (giving Miley a run for her money), even with his restrictive pants which are a size too small. The crew tries to contain their laughter behind the camera, but the cameraman Patrick is not as amused.

“Aiyah have to move again? The lighting must change!” he grumbles.

date1 date2 shanedance3 shanedance2 shanedance1

We wrap up with the last scene for the day. Shane is supposed to be picking up Munah at her place, hence the door scene. The door was being quite belligerent though, and kept shutting too fast. Someone from the crew squats behind the door (in a manner befitting of an illegal immigrant) and holds it in place.


Be sure to catch It’s a Date! Tutorials on, starting 22nd October 2013.