Interesting Stuff In Our Props Collection

Over the years we’ve amassed quite a collection of props, and here’re some interesting items in our storage you may recognize from our shows.

Styrofoam Head

This head was used in a Chick vs. Dick episode inspired by “The Price Is Right”.

Paul and Kay Kay had to guess the prices of random objects like this head, fake man boobs, etc. We bought the head for $14 from an art supplies store.

I would’ve added the fake man boobs (from Daiso) to this props list, but after the shoot Paul asked if he could keep them. I also remember he broke one of the boobs by over-inflating it.


Durex Vibrating Ring

This was featured in an episode of Guide To Life where Wendy reviewed items like edible panties (tasted horrible), astronaut ice-cream (not bad), and other interesting stuff.


3.5″ Floppy Disks

Before CD/DVD-Rs, USB thumb drives, and iCloud, we used floppy disks with an amazing storage capacity of 1.44MB per disk. My husband found these while clearing out our storeroom at home. He was going to toss them out but I saved them, because one day I intend to make a retro 90s video.


Bib cut out of pineapple print pillow case

We needed a shitload of feathers for a Room 101 shoot, so we bought some cheap pillows, used the feathers and kept the empty pillow cases. They came in handy when we decided to cut one up and turn it into a bib for Paul while he was applying makeup in an episode of Chick vs. Dick. This was such a tough episode to shoot because we were all in tears trying to contain our laughter.


Human torso model with removable anatomy

This was used in an episode of Room 101. 3 teams had to pick up the body parts from a central point, then make their way to opposite ends of the room to complete their model. They were bound together by a giant rubber band on a floor covered in cooking oil.

We ended up with so many extra bottles of oil after the shoot we all brought some home. 2 years later, I still have half a bottle in my kitchen which we use to fry eggs. I googled it and apparently you can use the oil until it starts smelling rancid. (Our oil still smells fine)


Toy gun that fires metal balls

This was used in an episode of Girls Out Loud where Wendy met a sorcerer (topless guy below). He had a magnet implanted in his arm that he claimed would protect him from approaching metal bullets. The magnet would supposedly move and attach to the approaching bullet.

So we used this gun that fired metal balls to see if the magnet would move and protect him. You really really REALLY need to watch this video (scroll to 4:18).



Shan did a spoof of Beyonce’s song “Irreplaceable” and there was a part of the video where he had to set his girlfriend’s underwear on fire. This g-string was the sole survivor. Burning underwear smells like burning rubber, it’s very awful please don’t burn underwear.