Funniest Video Comments on clicknetwork

We receive a ton of comments on our videos every day, and over the years I’ve encountered a wide range – from the really friendly pleasant ones to the super rude. Then you have everything in between, and some of them are actually quite entertaining.

An overwhelming majority of our viewers don’t leave comments. We generally receive about 100 comments per 50,000 views on a video, which means only about 0.2% of people watching leave comments.

So most are actually silent viewers that show their love in other ways such as retweeting, reposting, liking, and simply coming back to watch more videos.

Anyway, back to the people that leave comments…they’re an interesting bunch, and here’re some of my favourite types of commenters.


The Perverts

Sadly they’re everywhere, but especially prevalent online and around young women. Here’s a comment left on a “Xiaxue’s Guide To Life” episode where she learns how to make ice-cream. Sounds innocent? NOT TO A PERVERT.

Actually quite funny if you visualize the scene literally: Wendy’s entire face covered in Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge ice-cream, Mike standing there holding the empty tub with a spoon looking at her “ice-cream face”…


The Bad English Teachers

These are people who love criticizing the hosts for having bad English, but seriously??

And here’s another one…

English Nazis may pick on “dictation” and “grammer” among other violations.


The Conspiracy Theorists

They’re the ones who always read too much into everything, and quite frankly, give us a lot more credit than we deserve.

As crazy as it sounds, we really did make her squeeze in the backseat with the two guys.


The First Commenter

You’ll see this on many videos – people who take great pride in being the first to leave a comment. I find their enthusiasm quite endearing actually, but I don’t think others feel the same way.


The Bickerers

People can get so heated in online arguments because we can’t see or know who we’re insulting, and it almost dehumanizes the whole “fight”. Oh why can’t we all just get along?

Love the last comment about Sg forum.


The Multiple Personality Haters

These are the ones that keep coming back to post (usually hateful) comments posing as different people. But according to their IP addresses that show up in our log, they’re all the same person.


The Ones That Don’t Get It

In this video, Jem mentions how “it’s ridiculously hot, like 50 degrees out, I checked before I left the house” (obviously being sarcastic). But clearly not everyone understands sarcasm.


The Scrutinizers

These observant commenters enjoy scrutinizing and highlighting details like the exact second in the video where a sweaty armpit was visible, or a bit of underwear was exposed etc.