Dash’s First Birthday Bash

One year ago, power blogger Wendy Cheng (aka Xiaxue) gave birth to her first child, and a social media star was born. Of course, a birthday bash was in order to celebrate Dash’s first year. The Superheroes vs. Supervillains themed party saw some amazing costumes, elaborate decorations and food, as well as some of social media’s most popular figures.

IMG_8404Xiaxue as She-Ra and Dash as his namesake from The Incredibles.

Dash-Bday-Set-UpThe set up at Hokey Pokey Playground. Everything was The Incredibles-themed!

IMG_8449There was also a specially-designed menu for the food.

IMG_8649Cute photo booth props!

IMG_8402The birthday boy’s OOTD. He wears a custom-made suit (sourced by Xiaxue’s BFF) in a red and black theme, and tops off the outfit with black booties.

IMG_8424Dash and his grandma, who came dressed as Edna Mode.

IMG_8435“How does She-Ra pose ah? Like this right?”

IMG_8666“Okay Mom, I know they’re filming your show but you gotta admit that I have some star power at least.”

IMG_8660“Stop rolling guys, I have something on my delicate face.”

IMG_8661“She wore what to my party? Wow, someone call the fashion police.”

IMG_8519Xiaxue and Dash prepare to meet fans at a meet-and-greet before the party. Some fans started lining up three hours before it started.

IMG_8482“Mother, this rusk you’ve given me tastes awful.”

IMG_8586“So is this how selfies work?”

IMG_8491“Watch it there, your hair is getting in my face.”

IMG_8508“Yup, they’re all here for little ol’ me.”

IMG_8609“What? Someone came in the same outfit as me? How DARE they?!”

IMG_8593“Sorry I didn’t mean to spoil the picture, but I really needed to pee.”

IMG_8392Guests received these specially designed T-shirts.

IMG_8580Qiu Qiu as The Hulk (a very skinny one), Shuyin as Poison Ivy and Yutakis as Super Mario.

IMG_8847Rozz and boyfriend Justin as Maleficent and Guy Fawkes.

IMG_8962Shu An and boyfriend Joel as unicorn-Thor and unicorn-Batman.

IMG_8702Xiaxue and Dr. Georgia Lee, who came as Catwoman.

IMG_8731We caught Spider Man (Paul Twohill) sneaking a selfie.

IMG_8756Elmo made an appearance as well. Or rather, fake Elmo. We were told he had horns to avoid copyright issues.

IMG_8760Fake Elmo is a little overwhelmed to be meeting Dash in person.

IMG_8794Dash was momentarily kidnapped by the Evil Queen from Snow White.

IMG_8635Thankfully, he made a speedy escape.

IMG_8900Just in time to cut his birthday cake!

IMG_8935The clicknetwork gang.

Look out for the upcoming episode of Xiaxue’s Guide To Life about Dash’s First Birthday Bash! For more pics of Dash, check out Xiaxue’s Instagram and Dayre.