Behind The Scenes With Baby Dash

We shot an episode of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life with baby Dash, who was the star of the show that day (sorry Wendy). Check out what went on behind the scenes.

IMG_0109Oooooh what’s this? A Canon 5D Mark III? For little ol’ me? Gosh guys, you flatter me.

IMG_0112 Come on, guys. What’s taking so long? I’ve got places to be you know.

IMG_0130Mum. Please. The cameras are still rolling. Sooooo embarrassing.

IMG_0234Can someone call wardrobe? I think I’ve got a wedgie.

IMG_0147WHY are they taking so long? I’m parched. Positively parched!

IMG_0135 Does this make me look fat??

IMG_0169 IMG_0171 IMG_0172 IMG_0176 What’s this…lemon, you say? Yeccch! My delicate taste buds have been ruined. And I don’t know why you’re grinning, Mother. I don’t find this as amusing.

IMG_0180On second thought, maybe it’s an acquired taste. Gimme some more.

IMG_0196Cleansing my palate with some FIJI water, because Jamie Oliver said that one must always do so.

IMG_0320I was sharing my views on an important global issue. I am pleased to note that my mum is listening attentively.

IMG_0251Having another drink after my wardrobe change. It’s tiring being a baby star, you know. Absolutely taxing.

IMG_0358What? They’re delaying the shoot again? Oh no they didn’t!!

IMG_0315Go on, take a picture of my tantrum face. Let the tabloids see this, I don’t care!

IMG_0288Go on, I dare you!

IMG_0316Oh wait, I was kidding. Guys? You didn’t really take that picture did you? Hmm?

IMG_0305What? You did??? Nooooo my innocent baby reputation has been ruined. RUINED.

IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0336 IMG_0327Mama, it was bad. They caught me throwing a tantrum, they have it on high def. What do I do? My sterling reputation has been ruined! All ruined! *buries head*

IMG_0346Wait, where are you guys going? Guys? Why are you keeping the camera? Hellooo? I’m still here and camera-ready!

Catch the full episode of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life on soon! In the meantime, get your Dash fix from Xiaxue’s Instagram.