All About Smells

If there’s anything common among us at the office, it’s probably our obsession with smells. It’s beyond your imagination. Almost not a single day has gone by when someone hasn’t commented:

“Did you smell that?”

“Ew the office smells like _________ (something awful)”

“Where’s that smell coming from…”

Well, it all started when someone came into the office and commented that it smelled like pee. That was…DA BOMB.

So we started the smell-good journey by copying remedies that worked in other offices…



(15 minutes later) “Mmm the room does smell better!”

(15 weeks later) “Are we numb to the smell, or is it not working anymore? Maybe the office is too big for it. Hmm.”

The following spinning thingy came in. The idea is – put water in it, add some lavender or ocean-smelling chemical, and when it spins, the air smells better.

Noisy, but didn’t really work. Meh. Or maybe it did. We comforted ourselves by saying “Yeah lah, I think it helps abit…right????? Abit better now!”

The constant setbacks of making the office smell better got to us. There was even a brief discussion about What do you think would work? And boss even googled “How to make the office smell like a spa” or something along that line.

Next thing you know, we are adopting the toilets success story.

Every 15 minutes… PSSST! *spray*

That was the one addition that CHANGED MY LIFE–

I smell of lavender all day.

And sometimes during brief moments when I smell something musty or pee-ish, PSSST!

…I can’t smell anything anymore. AHH~ Maybe that’s how it’s suppose to work!!!!

On the right, though, you can see Nudge’s (our office hamster) cage. And I came to the conclusion that poop plus pssst smells really awful. Maybe we should try an oxygen tank! *inhales*

Then, boss brought in IKEA candles. Didn’t work, and I didn’t get to take photos. But boss came back from a meeting, and was disappointed by how quickly the candles burnt away.

Then boss tried another type of candle…that made Cherie and I think of sour plum constantly.

She feels like she’s constantly smelling delicious sour plum.

I feel like I’m constantly eating sour plum! Like omg, so overwhelming. *slaps forehead*

What started as a tiiiiny little problem became a scent contest, taking place in our office. Since we’re on the topic…how about bringing in something scientific?

We welcomed the atas-and-you-won’t-understand-how-I-work looking ionizer.

What I was educated on was that this machine ionizes the old smell particles in the air, makes them heavy and sort of fall to the ground.

Me: So we have to sweep the floor to get rid of them?

Cherie: *look of disbelief* [Facial Expression Cue: what kind of question was that, yo?]

Boss: …yeah~ once in a while when the vacuum lady comes. *straight face*

That look on Cherie’s face was PRICELESS. I told Tre the funny science theory on the escalator today, and she gave me the O_O look of surprise too.

Super happy. =P

But apparently it smells of metal if we leave it on for too long. (Included FIJI water in the shot cos it’s awesome too!)

So I brought a mini lavender spray that helped me feel better about all the metal….chopsticks…bowl of water…toilet spray and candles.

There was a day when Steph took the bottle and sprayed it into the air-con. She was certain the bad smell came from the air-con. Somehow the office still smelled awful this morning though. =(

You know which scent was the most effective?

Nudge’s poop.

No one knows what the next step will be. Maybe something creative like…

Sea salt spray?

…or Vodka?

Hmm. We need another scent meeting soon.

This post was stolen (with permission) from the author’s personal blog.

UPDATE: We got 2 new Ionizers from Sharp that don’t make the office smell like metal, and seem to have won our battle with THE SMELL!

BUT…we can only turn them on at night because for some reason they make 2 people in our office feel nauseous. -_-