A Week With clicknetwork

Can YOU see the biffles rainbow?

Hello clicknetwork-ers, hacking into the system and stealing a blogpost was not easy. Be very grateful. We’re the interns from Malaysia, Safira and Isabella, and we’ve been emotionally blackmailed asked nicely by Gillian to come up with a blogpost of what it’s like to work here for a week. So here goes.


No, we’re just kidding stop glaring at us, G. No but really, here it goes.

Fierce Filmographers!


We started on Monday, so that went how all first days go — awkward and trying to melt into the wall, which doesn’t work because it’s in this shade of grey neither Isabella or I could pull off. So we just kind of dodged everyone’s steps and tried not to get in the way and then, suddenly, BAM.

Checking out her perfection, yes?

I know, right? Qiu Qiu (I’m still not sure I’m pronouncing it right), came in to shoot an episode of Budget Barbie! She’s the qiutest, you just kind of want to squee at her, but then you realise that’s socially inappropiate and will probably get you a restraining order so you don’t.

She bought a ton of stuff for around a hundred bucks, and pointed out some awesome places — Bella and I were making notes, and hit Orchard Street right after work, especially since the week’s episode covered the GSS. Qiu Qiu modeled her giveaways, which was brilliant, and she was so lovely.

Working hard…or hardly working?

And I ran into Singaporean slang for the first time? The scene went something like this:

QIU QIU: –very atas shops–

SAFIRA (thinks, looking up at the ceiling): There are shops upstairs?

See, ’cause atas means up in Malay, so I was kinda confused. Now, I’m just using it for everything. I’m waiting for Bella to punch me in the face once it gets too annoying for her.

I found it super interesting to look at the process of filming an episode like that — filmography and photography aren’t exactly my forte so what are you doing here omg — but there was reflective green screens and lights and music and several takes of everything.

atas water

I also came to the disheartening realisation that all Singaporeans will forever be slimmer and Qiuter than me.

–Oh, and Bella may or may not have made some kind of banner for the website, I dunno, wasn’t paying attention. (Bella: I did… the banner for the blog. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE ACKNOWLEDGE ME?!)

(c) Isabella Tan (happy?)

We went to a camera shop and I was just kind of like, okay, so, cameras, but the guy handling them was kinda cute and everyone was drooling over the high-tech equipment — I’m guessing it was a big deal, huh? But why you’d wanna pay eighty bucks plus for a dust blower is a little beyond me.

After work, we shopped, dropped and then rolled out of bed for our second day on the job.


We came into work and, there was another surprise for us. We met the (in?)famous blogger Xiaxue, a.k.a. Wendy. She looked cute in the orange top with the heart, and Isabella and I were super stoked to meet her. (And congratulate her on calling out all those men on her blog.)

Casually working an apron like a skirt. What a boss.

We were there at Hatched, which apparently makes only egg dishes. I’m trying to take preventative measures for high cholesterol so I avoided majority of the dishes and peered in through this tiny window to watch them all filming. Xiaxue looked like she was having a lot of fun, and then she came over and ordered a panna cotta — which was really good. I recommend it. Unless you’re dieting. But then, I’d probably still recommend it — you’re just also not advised to take my advice.

The Head Chef there was a little nervous — who wouldn’t be with the two cameras, intense lighting and someone as adorable as Xiaxue next to them? — but he was pretty cool. It was interesting to see all the techniques my (temporary?) co-workers had to deploy — and all the awkward, high angles we needed to put the camera in to get the best shots. But we did, and the end result was even more eggs — with some salad and English muffins and stuff (eggs Benedict, I think).

It was an eggshellent dish.

There was talk about chicken menstruation that was, plainly, terrifying and has probably put me off eggs forever, but hey, it was a good day.

They’re firm on the outside and runny on the inside, y’know?

We got really great behind-the-scenes shots and stills, so those should be up as well — check them out! Being there for the filming was great; I can officially check it off my 100-things-to-do-before-I-die list. Being there for an episode of Xiaxue’s Guide To Life.

Aw yea.


The result of three days non-stop shopping and walking and staying up ’til 3am, is coming into work looking half-dead, with ridiculous bags under eyes. Kids, don’t try this at home.

We crawled in through the door, and got down to writing/photo-editing, from the events of the past few days. Isabella’s stellar editing and shots are absolutely brilliant, so go check them out!

We also hit the gym facilities in the building to burn off all the food we’d been eating. It buuuuurns.



That basically summarised our 1 hour session with Don Richmond. (Apparently, it’s less sensational than usual.)

Okay, in all seriousness, the hour with Don highlights just how difficult it is — I think I tore my lip trying not to laugh out loud. And they have to do this on a weekly basis. It was absolutely brilliant and shot with a new camera; the 5D mark 3, so everyone was fiddling with that.

-insert fangirl screams-

The lighting, the backdrop, the atmosphere — all of it was incredibly different to when we shot Budget Barbie with Qiu Qiu. This session of Now You Know covered a ton of things, from the Buxom Bandit to the Pink Dot thing that was on Saturday. There were so many takes I could probably mime majority of the words once I see the episode. We really hope you guys enjoy it, when it comes out, because shooting this was a lot fun.

Can we get Don a catchphrase? “Boobies” works, I think. It’s like Bazinga but with breasts.


Today was our last day. 🙁 It’s been so amazing and insightfu-

Hey guys Bella here I just took over the keyboard and Safira is now lying on the ground twitching. Just thought I should write something for the last day here as I kinda didn’t do much but take photos for this blogpost and that makes me kinda sad. Just a little.

It’s been a fantastic week and we really got an amazing chance to see how a real-life production studio functions. Gillian is crazy, she’s doing 1920382 things at once and I’m surprised she has no grey hairs from all the stress. Everyone here is a team but works together like a family and we really respect that. They all have their own roles to play but everyone is constantly learning new things every day and improving their own skills.

To say it’s been a pleasure would, maybe, be slightly insulting. It’s been an honour to be part of the clicknetwork team and I know that they’re just going to get bigger and better. All the creative juices in this office are just pouring out from under the doors and it’s clear to anybody just how efficient and wonderful they all are. We’re going to miss them (and the shopping) a lot but we know that this won’t be the last time we’re going to be together…

*cue evil echoey laughter*

Okay, I’m back now. God. Okay, so basically the summary of that verbal vomit is: WE LOVE YOU CLICKNETWORK. Thank you so much, Gillian, for such an amazing opportunity and a great week!

Safira + Isabella

p.s. We now can’t erase the image of Don saying “boobies”. Ever.