Fun Game Apps That Will Make Your Commute Home Better

Long bus and train journeys can be a pain, especially when you’ve refreshed Instagram one too many times. Here are some entertaining game apps to keep you occupied on the ride home.

1. Stick Hero

Available on iTunes, Android and Windows, Free

Stick Hero is one of those really addictive games that test your reflexes and powers of estimation – seriously, don’t blame us if you’re up until 2am playing it. The aim of the game is to extend the stick just long enough for Stick Hero to cross platforms – too short and he’ll fall off, too long and he’ll also fall off.

Simply tap and hold to extend the stick to your desired length, then let go so that the stick falls over for Stick Hero to cross on. Double tap while Stick Hero is moving to collect cherries, which can be exchanged for different Stick Hero characters.

Stick Hero(Source: Stick Hero)

2. Daddy Was A Thief

Available on Android (free), iTunes ($2.58) and Windows ($1.99)

Here’s how the game begins – Dad was fired from his job and, for some reason or another, decides to become a burglar to save his family (because sometimes you gotta do what you just gotta do, even if it entails dressing up like The Hamburglar). While the premise of the game is kind of uh, morally questionable, it is still a fun one to kill the time.

Smash through the levels by swiping up (jump) or down (destruct), and earn coins by destroying furniture (as any respectable burglar would). Complete missions and trade your coins for power-ups, rockets and different disguises for more variety and fun.

Daddy Was A Thief Game(Source: Daddy Was A Thief Facebook)

3. The Red Button

Available on iTunes and Android (free)

Want to stay awake on the bus? The Red Button will test your reflexes and keep you from dozing off in the process. The rules of the game are simple – tap the button only when it flashes blue. Sound simple enough? You’d be surprised, especially when the game starts to pick up the pace.

The Red Button-1(Source: The Red Button) 

4. Pick A Wire

Available on Android and Windows, Free

Pick A Wire may seem like a fairly straightforward game – figure out which wire is on top and tap to remove it – but it’s surprisingly challenging. There’s also a Time Attack mode, where you have to pick as many top wires as you can within a certain time limit.

Pick A Wire(Source: Pick A Wire)

5. Pancake

Available on iTunes, Android and Windows (AKA Pancake Flip Game), Free

Pancake is a frustratingly entertaining game, because it seems easy but is actually quite tricky. The premise of the game is relatively straightforward – keep flipping the pancake as many times as you can, before it falls off and ends the game. Tap to flip the pancake and score points for each successful flip. Be careful though – the pancake may slip off from either side of the pan, so you have to be really nimble with your fingers.

The best part of the game? You can never die or run out of lives, because the game automatically resets whenever your pancake falls off the skillet.

Pancake Game(Source:

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