8 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Weddings, as well all know by now, cost a pretty penny – especially in Singapore. Here are some easy ways to save on your wedding flowers.

1. Think Bigger Blooms

Roses may be sophisticated, but let’s just say that they aren’t exactly the most economical of flowers. Plus, you’ll need a lot of them to fill a room. Instead, opt for bigger blooms that visually fill up a space better – you’ll need less flowers, which means more savings. If you want to amp up your floral arrangements a bit more, try adding some accent flowers to each centrepiece.

Oversized Wedding Flowers(Source: weddingomania.com)

2. Go With In-Season Flowers

If you have budget constraints, focus on using in-season or local flowers instead of more exotic varieties. These tend to be less expensive, as they are more readily available. Your florist should be able to recommend which varieties are more affordable during the season.

Wedding Bouquet(Source: Style Me Pretty)

3. Ask About Flower Dupes

Hey, if makeup products can have dupes, why not flowers too? Not all in-season flowers are affordable (peonies and hydrangeas, we’re looking at you), but you can consult with your florist about flowers that look similar to the ones you want.

Ranunculus BouquetRanunculus flowers are a good alternative to roses, as they look similar. (Source: Fine Art America)

4. Downsize Your Bridesmaid Bouquets

We’re not telling you to give your best girls a couple of dinky flower stalks, but bridesmaid bouquets can be done in a simple yet tasteful way. Single bloom bouquets are quite in right now, so a single oversized bloom will work just as well as a fancy bouquet.

Single-Bloom-Bouquets(Source: brides.com)

5. Get Married During The Right Season

I know, I know – who are we to tell you when to get married right? However, trust us when we say to avoid peak periods like February or May (because, Mother’s Day). Sure, getting married on Valentine’s Day may sound like a fairytale wedding in the making, but do you know what else that means? Expensive, marked-up flowers. #justsayin

Flower Bouquet 1(Source: A Better Florist)

6. Cruise The Flower Farm

Peonies, lilies and orchids are some of the most popular floral options for weddings, but they do take a lot out from your budget. Flower farms and nurseries tend to offer a better variety of blooms at more reasonable prices, so do your homework and explore your options before committing to that expensive wedding florist.

Flower Bouquet 2(Source: A Better Florist)

7. Spread Your Bouquets

Having a big floral arrangement at every table can rack up the bill in no time, so try breaking up a few floral bouquets into single-stem vases instead. Place vases at intervals along each table for a simple but elegant effect.

Flower Bouquet 3 Hydrangeas(Source: A Better Florist Facebook)

8. Cut Flowers Out Of The Picture

If you want to be extra frugal, there is also the option of leaving flowers out of your wedding decor altogether. Before you start gasping in horror, hear us out a little. Instead of going all out with the flowers, invest in a classy bridal bouquet and replace the fancy flower centrepieces with other creative options, such as candles, fairy lights and decorative jars.

Fairy Lights Wedding Centrepiece(Source: vasemarket.com)

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