Chinese New Year Diet Tricks

It’s that time of the year again, when you’re tempted by Pineapple Tarts wherever you go. So much for that new year’s resolution to lose weight huh? Here are some easy tricks to keep your diet in check.

1. Use a smaller plate for meals.

Have a weakness for Chinese New Year buffets? Using a smaller plate tricks your brain into thinking that you’ve got a big portion of food, so you’ll be less likely to pile on more than you can finish. This also prevents overzealous aunties from putting more food on your plate, because it will never look too empty.

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2. Drink a glass of water (or two) before a meal.

As tempting as it may be to pop a couple of Pineapple Tarts before dinner, you’re better off drinking a glass of water to quell any hunger pangs. Pineapple Tarts are about 82 calories apiece, so it really adds up if you’re not careful. Say no to mindless snacking, people.

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3. Sit far, far away from the snack table.

Catching up with your cousins over a game of Cho Dai Di? Keep the snacks far away, so you won’t end up eating 10 Sugee Cookies without even realising it. Nobody likes having crumbs all over the mahjong table anyway.

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4. Portion your snacks.

Are you a serial snacker? Place a portion of your favourite Chinese New Year goodies onto a separate plate, then eat from there instead of from the jar.

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5. Share the calories.

What’s that saying again…sharing is caring? In this case, sharing is also a smart move. If you’re craving your favourite Kueh Lapis, there’s no reason why you can’t have some. Split a slice with someone else, so you’ll only consume half the calories.

Kueh Lapis(Source: Yahweh Delicacies/Groupon)

Can’t help snacking on Chinese New Year goodies? Go for these lower-calorie options instead.


Feeling peckish? Drop that piece of Kueh Lapis and pick up a tangerine instead. At 37 calories apiece, tangerines will keep your sugar cravings in check without ruining your diet (too much). Oh and have we mentioned how there are 157 calories in just one slice of Kueh Lapis?


Gua Zi (Dried Melon Seeds)

I know what you’re thinking – dried seeds are in no way a legit replacement for peanuts or prawn crackers, but trust us, your waistline will thank you. Snack on a handful of gua zi instead of peanuts, and you’ll shave off dozens of calories. 100g of gua zi only contains 258 calories, as compared to peanuts, which contain 567 calories per 100g.

melon seeds

Love Letters

At 56 calories per piece, Love Letters aren’t exactly the most healthy snack around. However, if you have to snack on something, Love Letters would be a better option than Pineapple Tarts, which will set you back about 82 calories per piece. Besides, Love Letters are more fun to eat because you can pretend to smoke them like cigars right? Unless nobody else does that then well, this is awkward…


Shrimp Rolls

Shrimp Rolls are by no means a healthy snack, but they do pack less calories per piece than some of the other Chinese New Year treats out there. Instead of going for that slice of bak kwa, which packs a whopping 370 calories per slice, go for a handful (and by handful, we mean 5-6 pieces, not 30) of Shrimp Rolls instead. They may be 23 calories per roll, but at least they’ll satisfy any salty cravings.

Bee Cheng Hiang Prawn Rolls(Source: Bee Cheng Hiang)

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