Best Supermarket Yogurt

Because yogurt is the easiest breakfast ever.

1. Chobani Strawberry Yogurt

$4.05, Available at selected supermarkets, including Cold Storage Bugis Junction and Tanglin Market Place. 120 calories per serving (150g).


If you like your yogurt thick and creamy, Chobani is definitely one of the better brands to look out for at the supermarket. The brand has both regular and Greek yogurt, but I personally prefer the regular fruit flavours because they aren’t as sour.

Creamy consistency aside, Chobani has also managed to strike a fine balance between the tartness of natural yogurt and the subtle sweetness of their fruit flavours. Besides Strawberry, the line also includes other basic fruit flavours like Blueberry and Peach.

Chobani only uses non-GMO (genetically modified) ingredients in their yogurt, which I actually kind of appreciate. In my younger years, I probably wouldn’t haven’t given two hoots about GMO-anything as long as it tasted good, but these days I find myself somewhat unsettled about it all. Mutant genes are a real thing, people.


One thing to note about Chobani though, is that the fruit compote tends to be at the bottom of the tub – so give the yogurt a good stir before eating. Chobani yogurt is flavourful enough to eat on its own, but if you want an extra kick, mix in some sliced bananas and berries for the perfect power breakfast.

2. Emmi Swiss Premium Aloe Vera Yogurt

$1.20 per tub, Available at leading supermarkets. 96 calories per serving (100g).


You’ve probably already seen Emmi’s Swiss Premium Yogurt at your local supermarket, and indeed, that is one of the great things about the brand – you don’t have to trek down to some obscure gourmet supermarket to get the good stuff.

Besides being readily-available at most supermarkets, Emmi Swiss Premium Yogurt is also relatively inexpensive for premium yogurt. Oh and have we mentioned how it actually tastes good, despite being low in calories and fat?


Emmi has several flavours in the range, but I personally prefer the Aloe Vera option because it has actual bits of aloe vera mixed in with the yogurt.

The yogurt is a bit lighter in consistency than your traditional American brands, but that’s not to say that it isn’t as satisfying. It’s actually quite similar to Japanese-style yogurt, which tends to be more milky rather than creamy.

Also, at 96 calories per serving, Emmi’s individual yogurt tubs are not a bad snack option for those who are watching their calories. The yogurt is surprisingly filling – even without add-ons – and will most likely satisfy any midnight sugar cravings (the struggle is real).

3. Meiji Bulgaria Yoghurt

$3.95 for a pack of 2 tubs, Available at leading supermarkets. 144 calories per serving (180g).


I know, I know – Bulgaria doesn’t exactly sound like something appetising does it? It also doesn’t help that the package shows what appears to be a miserable-looking pudding, instead of something more food porn-worthy.

Dubious name and packaging aside though, Meiji’s Bulgaria Yoghurt is actually pretty damn good. I don’t normally like unflavoured or unsweetened yogurt, but the Bulgaria has a pleasant tangy flavour that is quite refreshing on the palate. The original version is unsweetened, but there is also a mildly-sweetened one for those who are still weaning themselves off sugar.


Consistency-wise, the yogurt is a bit watery – which I know sounds a bit suspect but trust me, it’s good. Once mixed properly, the yogurt has a light pudding-like consistency which complements the refreshing tart flavour. The unsweetened version can be a bit of an acquired taste for those who are used to their sugary treats, but a dash of honey and some granola should do the trick.

4. Tims Dairy Greek Style Blackcurrant Yogurt

$3.95, Available at selected supermarkets, including Cold Storage Jelita and Paragon Market Place. 130 calories per serving (100g).


Greek yogurt has been all the rage these days, but I’m personally not a fan because of its strangely sour taste. Tims Dairy Greek Style Yogurt though, is a good in-between option for people who are still new to the acquired taste of Greek yogurt. For starters, the yogurt is not as thick as traditional Greek yogurt (which can sometimes be a bit tough to stomach in the mornings) but is still smooth and creamy. Taste-wise, the yogurt is truthfully still a bit sour, but the fruit flavouring gives it a welcome hint of sweetness.


Besides the Blackcurrant flavour (as pictured), Tims Dairy also has Honey, Vanilla and Raspberry – all of which look quite promising. The only drawback is its lack of availability at most supermarkets, but you can find it at bigger outlets like Cold Storage Jelita or Paragon Marketplace.

5. Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Classic Vanilla Yoghurt

$2.60, Available at selected supermarkets, including Cold Storage Jelita. 110 calories per serving (100g).


I have to say – when Dairy Farmers says that their yogurt is “Thick and Creamy”, they really mean that. The yogurt is rich, creamy and downright luscious – to the point where you almost feel guilty for having it at breakfast. Almost.

The Classic Vanilla flavour, in particular, has a familiar taste quite reminiscent of vanilla ice cream – but perhaps not as sweet (or calorific). Some vanilla-flavoured yogurt can taste a bit weak, but Dairy Farmers’ version has a strong vanilla bean taste. The beauty of the Classic Vanilla is that it’s very versatile – have it with some berries for breakfast, or piled atop brownie bites for an indulgent dessert. Go on, we won’t tell.


The only gripe I have with this yogurt is that the foil cover can be quite tricky to pull off in one clean sweep, which usually results in random holes and yogurt pretty much all over your fingers. But then again, who’s stopping you from licking your fingers am I right?

Also, if you like vanilla-flavoured yogurt, Mundella does a good vanilla Greek yogurt. It only seems to come in a big tub though, so you can’t exactly try before you buy.

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