Best Store-Bought Frozen Pizza

Too lazy to cook or go out for dinner? Here are the best frozen pizzas to pick up at the supermarket (or order online).

1. Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Quattro Formaggi

$9.95 | Available at Fairprice, Giant and Cold Storage

[Dr. Oetker Q.F.] Frozen Pizzas

Dr. Oetker, whoever he is, has won the hearts of many a frozen food lover. From the authentic flavours to the premium ingredients (it’s no La Strada, but hey it is only $9.95 for a whole pizza), it’s no surprise that Dr. Oetker is one of the more popular brands for ready-made frozen pizza.

If you’re a cheese lover, go for the Quattro Formaggi flavour – a sinful blend of Mozzarella, Edam, Emmental and blue cheese, topped with basil seasoning. And the crust…oh the crust…where do I start? The crispy thin crust, which has just the right amount of bite to it, is layered with a hint of Parmesan cheese – nothing too overpowering, but just flavourful enough to make you want to finish all the crust.

While the Mozzarella, Edam and Emmental cheese tasted pretty authentic (and surprisingly fresh for frozen pizza), the blue cheese was the one that stole the show. Although smallest in portion relative to the other cheeses, the blue cheese had a distinct and aromatic scent, and left a rich savoury aftertaste.

[Dr. Oetker Q.F.] Frozen Pizzas

Other flavours available: Mozzarella, Spinach, Formaggi & Pomodori, Funghi, Hawaii, Pepperoni, Vegetale, Tonno


2. Midamar Three Cheese Pizza

$9 | Available on RedMart

Midamar’s packaging may look somewhat no-frills, but rest assured that their pizzas are all about substance rather than show. In fact, the brand has been around since the 70s and is even Halal-certified.

[Midamar 3 Cheeses] Frozen Pizzas

If you’ve got a big appetite, you’ll be pleased to know that Midamar is really generous with their ingredients. No scrimping and covering up with sauce here.

The Three Cheese pizza is truly quite impressive by frozen pizza standards – the cheese is well-balanced and not too salty, while the pizza dough is soft and chewy.

The only drawback is that the brand doesn’t seem to have that many flavours available in Singapore, but you can always use them as a base to add your favourite toppings. Can anyone say pizza party?

[Midamar 3 Cheeses] Frozen Pizzas[Midamar 3 Cheeses] Frozen Pizzas

Other flavours available: Vegetable


3. Papalina Classica – Pizza Vegetale

$9.20 | Available at selected Cold Storage supermarkets and on RedMart

In terms of first impressions, Papalina Classica probably stands out the most with its colourful box and appetising photos. However, the brand isn’t all style and no substance either.

[Papalina Vegetale] Frozen Pizzas

The Pizza Vegetale is a good option for vegetarians, especially since the veggies on the pizza are juicy and flavourful (which can’t be said for a lot of other frozen pizzas). The presentation of the cooked pizza leaves much to be desired though – the ingredients were sprawled all over and it looked like the aftermath of a Fruit Ninja game. However, the pizza itself is quality stuff and hey, not everything has to be Instagram-worthy right?

[Papalina Vegetale] Frozen Pizzas

Other flavours available: Mozzarella, Quattro Formaggi, Spinachi


4. Crusteez Laksa With Chicken Pizza

$8.55 | Available on RedMart and at Isetan supermarket

Crusteez pizzas are not as easy to find as some of the other supermarket brands, but they’re still flying off the (virtual) shelves at RedMart. For starters, their pizzas have unique Asian flavours, such as Laksa With Chicken and Tom Yum With Prawn. Their recipes are also MSG-free, but surprisingly don’t lack in flavour at all.

[Crusteez Laksa Chicken]

The Laksa With Chicken is a sure-win for those who love spicy food (or laksa in general). The laksa-flavoured sauce is made from authentic ingredients like dried shrimp, lemon grass, tumeric powder, dried chilli and galangal. Grilled chicken chunks complement the generous serving of sauce on the pizza, and add some welcome texture (and meat) to each slice.

[Crusteez Laksa Chicken] Frozen Pizzas

If you love your Thai food, go for the Tom Yum With Prawn flavour. The pizza has a Thai-inspired blend of sweet and sour spices, topped with a truly *excuse the auntiness here* value-for-money portion of prawns and mushrooms.

[Crusteez Tom Yum Prawn] Frozen Pizzas[Crusteez-Tom-Yum-Prawn] Tom Yum Pizza

Other flavours available: Tom Yum With Prawn, Margherita, Chicken Tex Mex, Creamy Leek with Mushroom, Indonesian Curry with Chicken and Onion


5. Sunshine Hawaiian Pizza

$6.25 for 2 | Available at Fairprice, Sheng Siong, Giant and Cold Storage

Sunshine pizzas have long been a staple at the frozen food aisle, and it is one of the best options for the budget-conscious. While it’s definitely not the front-runner on this list, Sunshine is still a go-to brand when you need something quick, cheap and convenient.

The Hawaiian pizza is pretty standard, with a thick tomato sauce base and a mix of juicy pineapple and chicken chunks. While the crust isn’t exactly anything to write home about, the toppings are generous – especially since it only works out to around $3 for a whole pizza.

[Sunshine Hawaiian] Frozen Pizzas

The crust is quite thick though, so try spreading a thin layer of salted butter onto the crust before cooking the pizza. The butter will add more flavour, while also helping the crust to cook at the same speed as the toppings (so your toppings don’t get dried out).[Sunshine Hawaiian] Frozen Pizzas

Other flavours available: Mozzarella Cheese, Spicy Pepperoni, Seafood, Cheese, Turkey Ham

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