Best Snacks (You’ve Never Heard Of)

$2.20 from ThreeSixty Marketplace

If you’re ever having a bad day, these cute and tasty cookies will cheer you up in no time. A box of Kabaya Panda Chocolate Cookies features panda-shaped chocolate-covered biscuits that melt in your mouth. And as an added bonus, the pandas have different facial expressions on each cookie.


KM HAPPY TURN RICE CRACKERS, $4.95 from Isetan Supermarket

Although the price is a little steep for a bag of rice crackers, KM Happy Turn Rice Crackers prove to be worth the money (and calories). Dusted with a light coating of seasoning that delicately balances sweet and salty, each individually wrapped rice cracker provides a satisfying crunch that will satiate any snack attacks. If you’re a cheapskate, we hear Daiso has a similar one – just look out for an orange package with a dancing rice cracker cartoon on it.


CURRY PRAWN CRACKERS, $2.00 from Daiso

Trust the Japanese to put an interesting spin to a popular snack. An upgrade from your run-of-the-mill prawn crackers, Curry Prawn Crackers are definitely not for diet divas or health freaks. The curry seasoning is strangely sweet and slightly spicy, an addictive combination that will ensure you won’t stop at just a handful. And at $2.00 a bag, they are also the perfect snack to impress your party guests (“Curry prawn crackers? You got them from Tokyo? Wah! So exotic.”)

LOTUS CARAMEL BISCUITS, $4.95 from Cold Storage and other leading supermarkets

One of our all-time favourite snacks, Lotus Caramel Biscuits are sure to tickle your taste buds. Don’t be fooled by the obiang red wrapper, as these biscuits feature a hint of cinnamon and lots of crumbly caramel goodness – the perfect companion to your daily Cappucino. If you’re not a coffee lover, pair them with a scoop of your favourite ice cream instead.


MEIJI KINOKO STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE COOKIES, $3.90 from Isetan Supermarket and select supermarkets

Meiji Kinoko Strawberry Chocolate Cookies are the perfect snack to chase away Monday blues. Shaped like dainty little mushrooms, these quirky cookies feature a chocolate biscuit combo that promises satisfaction with every bite. Stash a box of these in your cubicle to deflect any awkward silences or angry bosses (“Why wasn’t this report done?! Why was it nev- wha..? Strawberry chocolate cookies shaped like little mushrooms? Omg so cute! *forgets anger*”)


REDONDO LUXURY CREAM WAFERS, $3.35 from NTUC Fairprice and Fairprice Finest

If you’re a fan of love letters (of the edible variety, not the Korean drama type), Redondo Luxury Cream Wafers will tide you over until the next Chinese New Year season. Within the roll of biscuit lies a generous filling of sugary goodness, and each bite promises sweet satisfaction. We also love that it is long and lengthy – good for nibbling daintily or pretending you’re smoking a cigar (don’t lie, we know you’ve done that before okay).

Comes in a multitude of flavours, including vanilla, strawberry, hazelnut and chocolate, but our favourite is the mint.

Know of any other tasty snacks that should be on this list? Leave a comment below and share them with us.