Best Instant Noodles In Singapore

We braved the calories, MSG and er, aunties at Sheng Siong to bring you a list of the best instant noodles available in Singapore. You’re welcome.

Best Instant Noodles Singapore-featured

1. MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle

$3.80 – Packet of 4 | Available at various Sheng Siong outlets island-wide

As Singaporeans, our love for spicy food is pretty much undeniable. If you’re a fan of curry noodles, the MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles are a must try.

The broth is creamy and spicy, with hints of garlic and lemongrass in the flavouring. It might be a bit too spicy for some though, so make sure you have your cup of iced teh tahrik on hand to quell the spice.

IMG_0177As far as the noodles are concerned, the texture is quite similar to other brands. However, the noodles tend to soak up the broth quite quickly, so each bite is packed with flavour.

Oh and FYI, we hear that these noodles are on a 1-for-1 offer at Sheng Siong right now…so what are you waiting for?


2. Nongshim Typhoon Cold Noodles

$9.00 –  Packet of 4 | LotteMart Singapore, 186 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068632

Nongshim is one of the better brands for instant noodles, so it’s no surprise that the Nongshim Typhoon Cold Noodles are pretty popular in Korea right now. Thankfully though, you can get the noodles at selected Korean supermarkets here.

As its name suggests, the Nongshim Typhoon Cold Noodles are best eaten when cold. Ice cold, even. Having the noodles cold somehow helps to bring out the flavours better, especially from the broth.


The seasoning is refreshing, with hints of citrus notes blended with an interesting combination of sweet and spicy. The flavours are quite similar to Tom Yum soup, and the noodles have a slightly firmer texture than mee sua (Chinese wheat noodles).

The noodles are rather thin and can be quite plain when eaten on their own, but that’s what the broth is for no? When paired with the flavourful broth, the noodles are silky smooth and full of flavour. If you’re feeling especially diligent, add some cucumber and cilantro for a punch of flavour. The portion of the noodles is quite large, so you can share with someone (or eat it all – we won’t judge).


3. Nissin Japanese Ramen – Kyushu Black

$3.55 – Packet of 5 | Available at Fairprice outlets island-wide

Japanese ramen is known for being rich and flavourful, and the Nissin Japanese Ramen is no different. The savoury broth is a combination of creamy and salty, with a slight tinge of garlic flavour (that is not too overpowering).


For the uninitiated, the term ‘QQ’ is used to describe noodles that are firm in texture but slightly chewy. The noodles from Nissin are not only QQ, but thick and smooth as well. Slurping down a bowl of these noodles will keep both your mouth and stomach satisfied.

The noodles are best enjoyed with traditional Ajitsuke Tamago (Japanese marinated soft boiled egg), as it will add more flavour and texture to the dish.


4. Ottogi Cheese Ramen

$3.95 – Packet of 4 | Available at all Fairprice outlets island-wide

The Ottogi Cheese Ramen may look a bit kiddy, but do not be deterred by the questionable cheese mascot on the package. As expected, the rich and savoury broth was cheesy, but it also had a surprising hint of spiciness. In fact, the flavours are reminiscent of our own Singapore laksa, because the broth is both creamy and spicy.

The noodles were QQ, and slightly firmer than regular instant noodles.

OttogiCheeseRamen(Source: NoobCook)


5. Samyang U-Dong

$4.30 – Packet of 5 | Available at all Fairprice outlets island-wide

Samyang may be known for their famous Buldak Bokkeum Myeon (Korean Spicy Ramen), but their Japanese-style Udon is worth a try too. The soup is made with Dashi stock (which is also used to make miso soup), so the flavouring is slightly salty with a hint of sweetness.


The noodles were thick, firm and moist – which was surprising, since most instant noodles tend to be rather thin. The noodles were also quite springy, and didn’t break or get mushy when cooked. In fact, if you’re looking for instant udon, this is probably as close to the real deal as you can get.


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