Alternative Places In Singapore For Non-Coffee Drinkers

Tired of hipster coffee joints, or just can’t stand the taste of coffee? Here are some alternative places in Singapore for non-coffee drinkers.


Address: Marina Bay Financial Tower 3, 12 Marina Boulevard MBFC Tower 3 #01-04, Singapore 018982 Tel: 6636 1551 Opening Hours: 7:30am – 6pm (Mondays – Fridays), Closed on Saturdays and Sundays  | Address: Chevron House, 30 Raffles Place Chevron House #01-35A , Singapore 048622 Tel: 6536 1551 Opening Hours: 7:30am – 7pm (Mondays – Fridays), 8am – 2pm (Saturdays), Closed on Sundays | Address: The Tiong Bahru Club, Blk 57 Eng Hoon Street #01-88, Singapore 160057, Tel: 6536 1551 Opening Hours: 8:30am – 10pm (Mondays – Sundays and PH) | Address: The Namely Club, 64 Namly Place, Singapore 267208 | Tel: 6469 0168 | Opening Hours: 9am – 10:30pm (Mondays – Thursdays), 8:30am – 11pm (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Eve of PH and PH) | Price Range: $7 and above

Chaiholics(Source: Chaiholics Facebook)

If you’re looking for the best chai tea in Singapore, Chaiholics is the place to go. There are 15 different types of chai drinks to choose from, such as the Classic Masala (cardamom, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon), Indian Railway (a rich combination of spices) and Refreshing Lemongrass (lemongrass and ginger). You can choose to have just the tea alone or as a latte.

If you’re feeling peckish, Chaiholics also has a range of artisan pastries to complement your drink. Now you don’t have to go all the way to India to enjoy a good cup of chai tea.

Best for: Tea fanatics and those who just generally love chai.

Chaiholics |
(Source: Chaiholics Facebook)

Mission Juice

Address: 12 Gopeng Street #01-29 Singapore 078877 Tel: 6100 4122 Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mondays – Fridays), 12noon – 6pm (Saturday) Price Range: $3.50 and above

Mission Juice | Mission Juice Facebook)

Just as its name suggests, Mission Juice is on a mission to serve you the best cold press juice out there. Their juices are low in oxidation, which means you get more nutritious goodness out of your drink.

The menu includes a slew of different juices, like Young Love (watermelon, strawberry and passionfruit) and Hawaii Breeze (orange, papaya, mango and apple). If you’re feeling creative (or picky), you can opt to customise your juice as well.

Best for: People who are trying to #eatclean.

Mission Juice(Source: Mission Juice Facebook)

Cocoa Colony

Address: Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, #01-06, Singapore 228208 Tel: 6235 8327 Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm (Mondays – Saturdays), 9am – 9pm (Sundays and PH) | Address: The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #01-08, Singapore 229233 Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mondays – Fridays), 10am – 11pm (Saturdays, Sundays and PH) | Address: Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard
#02-737, Singapore 038983 Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm (Mondays – Fridays), 10am – 10pm (Saturdays, Sundays and PH)

Cocoa Colony | Cocoa Colony Facebook)

This place is heaven for any chocolate lover. Originally from Shanghai, Cocoa Colony doesn’t just dish out any old hot chocolate. They serve up some of the finest and most unique cocoa beverages out there, including classic favourites like hot cocoa and the more adventurous white cocoa with lemon. If you like your drinks with a kick, you can even ask for a shot of Baileys or espresso with your drink.

Besides cocoa drinks, they also have gourmet sandwiches (no cocoa included though), pastries and cocoa-flavoured gelato. If you want to up your cocoa game, ask for some Amazonian Liquid Gold on top of your pastries or gelato – a truly decadent coating of milk, dark and white chocolate. #worththecalories

See here for the complete menu.

Best for: Satisfying your sweet tooth, or if you have extra cash (and calories) to splurge on while you’re in town.

Cocoa Colony(Source: Cocoa Colony Facebook)

Smoothie King

Address: 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #01-14/15 , Singapore 238895  Tel: 68362203  Opening Hours: Varies based on outlet (see here for more information) Price Range: $4 and above

Smoothie King Singapore(Source:

With over 9 outlets island-wide, Smoothie King is a convenient option for those who love their fruity shakes (or are on liquid diets). Their creamy, ice-blended smoothies are available in more than 10 flavours and you can choose from the Refreshing series (with health-boosting ingredients), the Slim & Lite series (low fat), and Nutritious Meals series (high in protein for muscle-building).

Even if you’re not the calorie conscious sort, you’ll love the wide range of fruit/vegetable combinations you can choose from – such as Carrot Kale, Lemon Twist Strawberry and Apple Kiwi Kale. See here for the complete menu.

Best for: People who love refreshing, fruity drinks. Smoothies in the Slim & Lite series have under 200 calories, so this is also an option for those who are counting calories.

Smoothie King 2 Smoothie King(Source: Smoothie King Singapore Facebook)


Tsujiri Tea House

Address: 100 Tras Street, #01-14, 100AM, Singapore 079027 Tel: 6543 6110 Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily Price Range: $3.50 and above

If you love green tea, then Tsujiri should be your go-to place for your daily cuppa. With everything from matcha lattes to even matcha hot chocolate, Tsujiri will no doubt quench your thirst (and satisfy your cravings) for matcha. If you have room for dessert, try one of the matcha parfaits (we love the one with matcha chiffon cake) or signature shaved ice creations. See here for the complete menu.

Best for: Matcha fans and people who love Japanese desserts.

Tsujiri Singapore(Source: Tsujiri Singapore Facebook)

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