Rock the Trend: Sweaters

With Singapore’s hot and humid climate, wearing a sweater may seem ridiculous. Actually, wearing anything wooly with sleeves would seem crazy in this blistering heat.

But as fashion trends move towards the heavier side this Autumn-Winter season, the idea of wearing a sweater in Singapore just might not seem that out of the question. Even if the only places we can comfortably wear a sweater is in the air-conditioned comfort of our offices and lecture halls.

Here’re a few ways to wear your sweater in Singapore.

1) Avoid looking too covered up

More for comfort rather than fashion reasons, you might want to avoid pairing a sweater with sweatpants in our tropical climate. Besides, sweatpants are sloppy and no one should ever wear them (unless you’re going to the doctor).

Instead, wear your sweater with a pair of cute and brightly-coloured shorts. The length of the shorts will balance out the heaviness of the sweater, while the colour will brighten up the otherwise Winter-y outfit.

(Source: Go Money Ways)


2) Pick a pattern

…on your sweater, that is. Summery patterns such as polka dots or nautical stripes will lighten the heaviness of the sweater. Also, you’d be surprised as to how much patterns can spruce up a dull outfit.

Eva Longoria goes nautical in this striped sweater and white shorts combo.
In Their Closet)


3) Get cropped

Cropped sweaters are a fun way to add dimension and colour to your outfit. Play with colour combinations and the different types of materials to up your glam factor. If you’re not keen on exposing your belly button to the world (it’s so passe anyway), wear your cropped sweater with a pair of high-waisted shorts.

(Source: My Face Hunter)


4) Go light

Pick a sweater that’s made of a lighter material, such as cotton or rayon. Unless you’re due for some traveling, save the heavy knits and cashmere for your upcoming Christmas trip to Hong Kong.

(Source: Golestaneh Street Style)

5) Play with fabrics

Pairing your knit sweater with a a pair of leather bottoms creates an interesting contrast of materials, and will give your outfit an unexpected twist. Just avoid pairing them with leather pants, or you might overheat while walking to lunch.

(Source: Wendy’s Lookbook)

Do you know of any other ways to rock this trend? Send us your photos and we’ll post the best ones here.

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