Taobao Shopping Guide: Party Stuff

Planning a holiday party? Check out these cute (and inexpensive!) decorations we found on Taobao.

1. Decorative Straws, 11.59 yuan per pack

How Pintrest-worthy are these straws eh?

Decorative Straws(Source: Taobao)


2. Cake Pop Sticks, 4.05 yuan per pack

Cake pops are a great party treat to make because they’re pretty, tasty and easy to eat. Here’s a good recipe for Oreo cake pops (you can thank us later).

Cake Pop Sticks(Source: Taobao)


3. Tiered Cake Stand, 76 yuan

Nothing says ‘Tai-Tai tea party’ better than a tiered cake stand. Fill yours up with dainty cakes, buttery scones and finger sandwiches. If you’re too lazy to make them, just order some of Delifrance’s Mini Party Delights – they’re tasty, photogenic and just the right size for a cake stand.

Tiered Cake Stand copy(Source: Taobao)


4. Decorative Flower Balls, 12 yuan

Use these artificial flowers to spruce up your home for a party – and as an added bonus, you don’t even have to water them. Real flowers are overrated, anyway.

Flower Balls(Source: Taobao)


 5. Hello Kitty Icing Sugar Stencil, 4.50 yuan

If you’re planning on baking something special, you can use these icing sugar stencils to personalise your desserts. They’re fairly easy to use, as long as you don’t have overly-shaky hands.

Hello Kitty Stencils copy(Source: Taobao)


6. Lanterns, 6.90 yuan

Turn your home into something Pintrest-worthy with these pretty lanterns. If you’re having an evening party, stream them with Christmas tree lights for added magical effect.

Party Lanterns(Source: Taobao)


7. Party Straws, 9.90 yuan per pack

While we love the striped straws at Crate and Barrel, they’re not exactly economical enough for a party. Order these multi-coloured straws from Taobao instead – nobody will really be able to tell anyway.

Striped Straws(Source: Taobao)


8. Photo booth Props, 28 yuan per set

Sadly, not all of us are artistically inclined. Luckily though, you can order these inexpensive photo booth props to spruce up your photos.

Photobooth Props(Source: Taobao)


9. Moustache Straws, 4 yuan

How cute are these moustache straws?! Perfect for that Instagram party photo you’ll be posting.

Moustache Straws(Source: Taobao)


10. Party Banners, 35 yuan

Skip the tacky banners and go for a simple one in a pretty colour scheme. We like this one with the pink/coral motif.

Party Banners(Source: Taobao)


11. Mustache and Glasses Straws, 4 yuan

OK to be honest, we have no idea if these straws are meant for drinking or photos…BUT how cute are they anyway? They’re the kind of thing that looks easy to make, but will probably result in a mess if you’re not artistically inclined. (Do you know how difficult it is to cut a felt moustache?!) We would much rather buy them, thank you very much.

Mustache and Glasses Straws(Source: Taobao)


12. Lip Party Horn, 12.80 yuan per pack

Party horns can be a little tacky, but these lip-shaped ones are too cute to pass up. Who wouldn’t want to ring in the new year with these?!

Lip Party Blowers(Source: Taobao)


Other Stores To Check Out

Baking Stuff –  小米烘培 TB温州烘焙

Decorations (and other wedding-related items) –  imwedding

Children’s Party Decorations – 好派对Homeparty

Party Decorations – 张胖胖派对


Taobao Search Terms You Can Use

Striped Straws – 条纹吸管

Layer cake stand – 层蛋糕架

Party Decorations – 聚会装饰品

Photo Props – 拍照道具


Ordering from Taobao takes about 2 weeks (from the time you place the order, to when you receive the parcel) so be sure to plan ahead. Always read item and seller reviews to get a better idea of what you’ll be getting. If you need tips on how to navigate Taobao, check out our article on Taobao Shopping here. If you’re too confused about the Chinese interface, check out our other article on Taobao in English here.


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