Taobao Guide To Sportswear

Can’t bear to spend hundreds of dollars on designer sportswear? Here are some (legit) affordable finds from Taobao. No fake logos or Rululemonz, we promise.

Ladies’ Gym Gear

Quick Dry Workout Coordinates

A top, sports bra and shorts (or tights) for 39 yuan (8 SGD)? Gotta love Taobao.

(Source: 陶芙运动瑜伽)

Standard Sports Bra

A simple sports bra which can be used for a variety of sports. Other sports bra options here, here and here.

(Source: 南极人风靡专卖店)

Strappy Sports Bra

A cute sports bra with interesting strap details. The best part? It’s only 69 yuan (14 SGD).

(Source: 名品 优选)

Running Shorts

A simple pair of running shorts with built-in tights, so you won’t accidentally flash someone while stretching your legs. (Ignore the model’s strange poses and obviously-Photoshopped legs OK?)

(Source: 玛雅健身)

Yoga Tights

High-waisted yoga tights with interesting cut-out details. The sizing runs quite small though, so skip this if you have larger hips.

(Source: 女王计划)

Yoga Blouse

A classic fitted tee for yoga or running. Comes in dark grey, light grey, black, pink, purple and light blue.

(Source: 奥氏运动旗舰店)

Yoga Bra Top

OK if we’re being completely honest here, this looks suspiciously like a Lululemon-type bra top…but it doesn’t have any weird fake logos on it, so you’re good.

(Source: enaier旗舰店)

Women’s Rash Guard

A long-sleeve rash guard for diving or surfing. The matching tights are available as well, but some of the designs are quite…strange. So yeah, not listing them here.

(Source: Da表妹)

Anti-Slip Socks

Anti-slip socks to give you a better grip on the ground during yoga, or when you’re working out barefoot.

(Source: 恒聚五指馆)

Gym Bag

A roomy gym bag with compartments for your shoes, phone and wallet.

(Source: 卢比亚御狼包包专柜)

Useful Keywords

室内运动 Indoor Sports
户外运动 Outdoor Sports
健身 Gym Workout
女装 Womenswear
健身服 Workout Clothes
套装 Clothing Set (for a matching set of clothes)
运动内衣 Sports Bra
透气 Breathable (for fabrics)
快干 Quick Dry
防滑 Anti-Slip
垫 Cushion
配件 Accessories
跑步 Running
登山 Mountain Climbing
篮球 Basketball
足球 Soccer
瑜伽 Yoga
夏天 Summer
圆筒包 Duffel Bag
健身包 Gym Bag
腰包 Waist Pouch

Cool Stores To Check Out

名品 优选: Good for workout basics like sports bras, running shorts and dance wear. The styles are quite basic (nothing #fashunz if you know what I mean), but most of the items are 79 yuan (16 SGD) and below, so can’t really complain eh?

enaier旗舰店: A bit pricey for Taobao, but they have a good selection of stylish yoga tops, tights and sports bras.

玛雅健身 进入店铺: Great for affordable yoga wear, running tights and sports bras ranging between 49 yuan to 68 yuan (10 to 14 SGD). Some of the items are a bit uh, questionable (like this or this #whuttt) but there is a wide variety of styles available, so you can probably find some good basics there.

南极人风靡专卖店: This store doesn’t really seem to have much sportswear, but they do have a selection of undergarments – so you can probably find some neat sports bras here. They also sell other types of bras, from the no-wire type to stick-ons (otherwise known as chicken cutlets).

Men’s Gym Gear

Sports Co-ordinate

Quick-dry gym co-ordinates that come in a variety of styles, from tank tops to gym shorts. They also have a Spiderman and Superman (complete with fake printed abs) gym top available, because…why not?

(Also, can we take a moment to enjoy the male model’s hilarious poses? Oh Taobao, you never fail to amuse me.)

(Source: 大庸集团有限公司)

Gym Shorts

Basic gym shorts in a breathable fabric. Perfect for running or working out at the gym. Other options here, here and here.

(Source: 迪卡侬旗舰店)

Gym Top

A classic fitted workout top in a quick-drying fabric. Comes in a variety of colour combinations.

(Source: 迪卡侬旗舰店

Simple Tank Top

A basic tank top in a light and stretchy fabric, for those who want to keep cool while working out. Biceps not included though.

(Source: 袋鼠壹仁专卖店)

Rash Guard

A black rash guard for diving or surfing. Available for women as well.

(Source: 飞鱼运动户外专营店)

Elastic Sports Tape

Adhesive tape for relieving muscle discomfort while doing sports. Comes in a variety of colours, such as black, white, beige, purple, pink and blue.

(Source: 奥匹旗舰店品牌直销)

Useful Keywords

男装 Menswear
健身服 Workout Clothes
套装 Clothing Set (for a matching set of clothes)
透气 Breathable (for fabrics)
快干 Quick Dry
防滑 Anti-Slip
高弹 Stretchy (Fabric)
防水 Waterproof
游泳 Swimming
潜水 Diving
长款 Long Sleeves/Pants
短款 Short Sleeves/Shorts
跑步鞋 Track Shoes
护膝 Knee Guard
压缩服 Compression Clothing
计步器 Pedometer

Cool Stores To Check Out

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