Taobao Guide To Menswear

A menswear guide to finding everything from formal workwear to casual pieces on Taobao. Who says only women can have all the shopping fun?

Things To Note

Before you start mindlessly adding items to your cart (“So cheap! So nice!” – we’ve all been there.), there are some things you should take note of when buying clothes on Taobao.


It may seem straightforward – you look for the size chart, compare it to your measurements and select the most suitable size right? Well, Young Padawan, you will soon learn that nothing is straightforward on Taobao. But a little bit of effort is a small price to pay for affordable and quality clothes right?

When it comes to sizing, always err on the side of caution – meaning it’s better to go for the bigger rather than smaller size. Seriously guys, just put aside your pride and do it. You can always alter clothes that are too big, but a pair of pants that are too tight will only go to waste (and make you feel fat).

Most styles from China and Korea tend to be smaller cut, especially compared to European or American brands. Even if you are usually a Medium at ZARA, this may not necessarily translate to Taobao sizing.

Check the actual measurements on the size chart, or chat with the seller to get more details. Some sellers also indicate sizes by height and weight, but it’s not always the most accurate of measurements, so be sure to read the reviews or sizing information before buying.

Lastly, you might want to keep in mind where your problem areas are. For instance, if you have especially large biceps (hello Kim Jong-kook), you might have to check that the armhole measurements can accommodate you.

厘米 Centimetres
寸 Inches
斤 Weight measurement (2斤 = 1kg)
脖子 Neck
肩膀 Shoulders
胸围 Chest
腰围 Waist
臀围 Hips
欧美 European (indicates a bigger cut, in comparison to their local sizing)


It may be hard to tell how thick or thin the material is just from pictures (which are often edited, mind you), so look out for terms which indicate what season the clothes are made for, or what type of fabric is used.

棉 Cotton (纯棉 for Pure Cotton)
羊毛 Wool/Fleece
聚酯 Polyester (This is rarely stated on Taobao though.)
丝 Silk
冬 Winter
夏 Summer
秋 Autumn
春 Spring


Many international brands like Uniqlo or G2000 have stores on Taobao (yes, with legit authentic items – no cut labels, we promise). However, the prices are slightly higher and the selection not as wide, so you are probably better off buying from the actual stores instead.

That’s not to say that there are only cheap, run-of-the-mill clothes on Taobao though – you can find affordable Chinese brands with good quality items and up-to-date designs if you look hard enough. Taobao regularly features trending or popular menswear brands here.

Formal/Business Wear

Standard Dress Shirt

A standard work shirt which comes in a variety of colours. With “exquisite details”, no less.

(Source: 群超服饰品牌店)

Classic Suit

A classic (and affordable) suit which can be used for work or play. Do note that when selecting your suit size, most sellers require you to choose your blazer size first, then indicate your pants size in the comments. The listing will usually say ‘裤子尺码请留言’.

(Source: 盛世品牌服饰)

Three Piece Suit

In case you want to get fancy. Comes in black, navy and wine red.

(Source: 韩风服装厂家直销)

Slim Cut Suit

Go on, channel your inner Lee Min Ho.

(Source: zkd旗舰店)

Loose Work Pants

Loose-cut pants for fat days, when you just can’t deal with fitted clothes. Also, have we mentioned how they have an elastic waistband? #noshame

(Source: checkedout多米来专卖店)

Useful Search Terms

正式 Formal Wear
衬衫 Shirts
商务 Business Wear
西装马甲 Vest
西装外套 Blazer
双排扣 Double-Breasted Blazer
领带 Tie
长袖 Long Sleeves
短袖 Short Sleeves
修身 Fitted Cut
宽松 Loose Fit
大码 Plus Size
抗皱 Wrinkle-Resistant
纯棉 100% Cotton
薄款 Thin Fabric (Good for warmer climates)
印花 Printed
纯色 Plain Colour
条纹 Stripes
格纹 Checkered
立领 Mandarin Collar
英伦风 British/European Style
韩版 Korean Style (More fitted, smaller in size)
潮款 Trendy
简约 Simple/Clean Cut Look
两件套 Two-Piece Suit (Blazer and Pants)
三件套 Three-Piece Suit (Blazer, Pants, Shirt)
四件套 Four-Piece Suit (Blazer, Pants, Vest, Shirt)
黑色男士工作裤 Black Work Pants (For Men)

Casual Wear

Cool T-Shirt

A simple tee with a cute pocket. Pair it with your favourite pair of shorts and voilà, weekend outfit settled.

(Source: YESMAN原创潮流男装)

Classic Polo

Can’t go wrong with a classic polo. Comes in black, navy, forest green and grey.

(Source: 马克华菲与狼共舞七匹狼)

Casual Polo

A loose-fit polo with interesting collar details.

(Source: NE英伦复古男装)

Slim Cut Shirt

An easy-breezy shirt that is perfect for Casual Fridays or the weekend.

(Source: YESMAN原创潮流男装)

Casual Shirt

A casual shirt which can be dressed up or down. Comes in white, grey, pink and light blue.

(Source: 衣的型品 YIDESIMPLE)

Slim Cut Casual Pants

Slim cut pants to keep your weekend look smart and slick.

(Source: 快手网红男人装)


Comfortable chinos guaranteed to be a staple in your closet.

(Source: 吃茶去 原创设计品牌)

Slim-Cut Jeans

Dark wash slim-cut jeans to take your outfit from day to night.

(Source: 与狼共舞折扣正品店)

Bomber Jacket

A simple bomber jacket to jazz up your casual outfits.

(Source: 型男潮人服饰)


It’s not a purse, hunny – it’s a murse.

(Source: 吃茶去 原创设计品牌)

Useful Search Terms

连帽外套 Hooded Jacket
韩版 Korean Style
港风 Hong Kong Style
英伦风 European Style
街头风 Street Style
嘻哈 Hip Hop
个性 Stylish
明星款 As seen on celebrities
翻领衫 Polo Tee
韩版 Korean-style
小腿裤 Skinny Pants
休闲裤 Casual Shorts
牛仔裤 Denim Jeans
低腰 Low-Rise Jeans
弹力 Elastic
束腰裤 Drawstring Pants
迷彩 Camo


Plain Tee

A simple but dependable staple for your everyday wardrobe.

(Source: 雨季淡然旗舰店)

V-Neck Tee

Soft V-Neck tees in a light, breathable fabric. Perfect for warmer climates.

(Source: 山东尚品外贸)

Cotton Tank Top

For those who want to show off their guns. Can also be worn under your shirt to prevent unsightly sweat marks.

(Source: 皮塞罗旗舰店)

Loose Cotton Tank Top

A more uncle version of the tank top above (if you couldn’t already tell from the drastic difference in models).

(Source: 天鸿雅达旗舰店)

Muscle Tee

A loose-cut muscle tee that will keep you cool on hot days.

(Source: YESMAN原创潮流男装)

Casual Cotton Shorts

Simple cotton shorts with zip pockets. Perfect for the gym or running errands.

(Source: oumefan旗舰店)

Fitted Shorts

Summer shorts with a slimmer fit. Comes in a plethora of colours too.

(Source: 辛格里奇旗舰店)

Casual Hoodie

A cotton hoodie with wool lining. Perfect for travel or play.

(Source: 衣的型品 YIDESIMPLE)

Useful Search Terms

基本款 Basics
圆领 Round Collar
V领 V-Neck
紧身T Muscle Tee
简约 Simple
外套 Outerwear
休闲夹克 Bomber Jacket/Casual Outerwear
皮衣 Leather Jacket
运动外套 Sports Jacket

Cold Weather Clothes

Long Jacket

A black jacket with zipper details and a hood.

(Source: 衣的型品 YIDESIMPLE)

Smart Coat

A smart-looking coat that will keep you warm in colder climates.

(Source: YESMAN原创潮流男装)

Light Sweater

A light sweater which can be layered under other clothes. Comes in a range of colours, including grey, black, wine and light blue.

(Source: NE英伦复古男装)

Thick Sweater

A thick, wool-blend sweater with a high roll neck. Can anyone say Winter Sonata?


Light Jacket

A lighter jacket for Spring or Autumn weather.

(Source: 彼得华菲旗舰店)

Useful Search Terms

保暖 Thermal Wear
加厚/加棉 Extra Thick/Extra Cotton
加绒 Extra Wool
卫衣 Sweater
羽绒服 Down Jacket/Winter Garment
针织 Knitted

Customised Clothes

Certain stores offer different levels of customisation for their clothes – just add ‘定制’ (customisation) to your search terms to find the listings.

The type of customisation available may differ from seller to seller, but the three main types are generally:

Option 1: You choose an existing style and size from the seller’s store and make minor alterations to the measurements. This may be limited to selected styles only, depending on the seller.

Option 2: You choose an existing style from the seller’s store and get them to tailor it to your exact measurements.

Option 3: You customise a full suit, where you can choose everything from the colour and fabric to the lapel style and button details.

Chat with the seller to see what options are available, but do note that full payment is usually required before they go ahead and start making your customised order.

Suit With Custom Sizing

The seller offers an option for custom sizing (for even extra small or extra large sizes), for a fee of about 80 yuan.

(Source: 简单和家168店)

Customisable Tux

(Source: 上海郎派服饰量身定做)

Useful Search Terms

Lapel (领型)
Suit Pocket for pocket square (口袋巾)
Bottom Suit Pockets (下口袋)
Blazer Vent (衩位)
Wording Embroidery (绣字)
Button (纽扣)
Colour (颜色)

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