How To Organise Your Closet

I have too much stuff. I really do. Which is why my closet is usually in a mess (much to my mother’s dismay). Anyway, I’ve recently discovered the wonders of home organisation (thanks to a MUJI catalogue I chanced upon) so here are some easy ways to organise your wardrobe.

1. Fold sweaters, knits and t-shirts.

I used to hang my sweaters and knits, which made these weird bumps at the shoulder that just wouldn’t go away. After watching this video of Aimee Song’s closet tour, I realised that it made way more sense to fold delicate items to keep their shape. Also, folding takes up less space than hanging.

Stack of linens(Source: DashLocker)


2. Keep formal clothes in a garment bag.

Store clothes you only wear on occasion in garment bags and hang them in a cool, dry part of your wardrobe. Don’t store clothes in plastic bags because it can cause discolouration and possibly nasty smells as well. Places like IKEA or Qoo10 sell inexpensive garment bags, so don’t be a cheapskate.

IKEA garment bag(Source: IKEA)


3. Use removable drawers to store bags.

I love MUJI, I really do. Besides the fact that it has everything (and by everything, I mean anything from animal crackers to underwear), it also has an amazing selection of storage solutions. The PP Storage Case series is my favourite, especially since the dimensions of each drawer style complement each other. So if you wanted to, you could build an entire storage wonderland with these cases and it would still look uniform.

These handy plastic drawers (which require no assembly, thank goodness) are great for storing bags because you can organise your bags and accessories by size or shape. That way, you can easily find them instead of having to dig through a pile at the bottom of your closet.

Muji Storage Case(Source: MUJI)


4. Stuff your bags.

Speaking of bags, most bag experts will tell you that you need to stuff them to keep their shape. I like to use the stuffing that comes with shoes boxes, because what else are you going to do with it anyway? Also, if you have extra shoe bags lying around, put the stuffing inside the shoe bag before popping it into your actual bag – it’s much neater that way.

Shoe-Bag(Source: Home Storage Direct)


5. Keep accessories in clear drawers.

MUJI sells these brilliant acrylic boxes that are perfect for storing jewellery. It’s especially convenient because the boxes are transparent, so you can see what’s inside each compartment. I use the bigger drawers to store necklaces, and the divided compartments to store rings and other smaller accessories. MUJI also sells velour boxes to slip inside the acrylic boxes – perfect for delicate jewellery.



6. Use a bookshelf as a shoe rack.

I don’t know about you, but most shoe racks I’ve seen are either too small or very bulky. Don’t ask me why I need so much space for shoes OK, I just have…a bit of a shoe problem.

After browsing the living room section at IKEA, I found a book case that doubled up perfectly as a shoe rack. It had plenty of space for shoes and was neat enough to fit into a corner. The only challenge was trying to bring it home, because it was SO heavy (read: bring your boyfriend for this).

IKEA Billy Book Case(Source: IKEA)


7. Freshen up shoes with dryer sheets.

If your shoes smell particularly bad, try cutting a dryer sheet in two and placing each slip inside your shoes. It’s much cheaper and less embarrassing than buying a spray for sweaty, odour-causing feet.



8. Use boxes to create shelves.

If you have a tall closet with lots of space at the base, create cubbyholes by stacking boxes on their sides. You can get plain black nylon boxes from IKEA, which usually come in a pack of three. Fold your bottoms and store them there to save on hanging space. I like to pack them according to colour, so that I have a mini rainbow in my closet.


IKEA Drona Box(Source: IKEA)


9. Store seasonal clothes in vacuum seal bags.

I first discovered the wonders of vacuum seal bags when I was moving home from college. For the uninitiated, vacuum seal bags are basically enlarged Ziploc bags that can save you a lot of closet space. Store seasonal clothes (or clothes you don’t wear but can’t bear to part with – it’s got sentimental value, I get it too) in a vacuum seal bags for storage. Besides saving you loads of space, the bags also protect the clothes from getting dusty. I’ve seen these vacuum seal bags for sale at places like Giant Hypermart, Home-Fix and Coldwear.

Vacuum Seal Bags


10. Keep your closet dry with a dehumidifier.

OK this one isn’t really an organisation thing, but trust me, you’ll want to use a dehumidifier in your closet. There’s nothing more disgusting than mould on your clothes and shoes. If a dehumidifier is too bulky for your closet, try charcoal or silica gel dehumidifiers that usually come in a stick or tub form. They will readily absorb moisture, preventing mould and odour in your closet. They are available at stores like Daiso, Giant and Watson’s (only occasionally). I like the gel ones from Daiso because they smell nice as well. Remember to change them every 2 – 3 months.

Thirsty-Hippo(Source: RedMart)