How To Create Your Own Walk-in Wardrobe

Turn a spare room into your own walk-in wardrobe – without busting your budget.

1. Wardrobe Frame

Instead of getting someone to customise a wardrobe for you (which can be pretty expensive), go with off-the-shelf wardrobe frames that are much cheaper. The PAX series from IKEA is great because it lets you customise what sort of drawers, rods and shelves you want. You can also choose wardrobe frames from a few standard sizes. The only thing about buying anything bulky from IKEA is that transport is always an issue. I suggest you opt for home delivery – I didn’t and well…let’s just say the IKEA aunty was right when she looked at me dubiously and said, “You can carry meh? This one is a man’s job you know.”


2. Bag Storage

When it comes to bag storage, shelves are always a good option. The FJALKINGE shelf from IKEA ($225) is versatile enough to store both big and small bags. Complement the set up with some SKUBB boxes ($25.90 for 3) to store smaller, evening bags you only use occasionally.

Bags-Cropped-1Bag Shelf

3. Shoe Storage

Although IKEA and Howard’s Storage World has a range of nice shoe racks, they’re pretty pricey. Check out online discount site Qoo10 for deals on shoe racks – like the extendable one below. It saves you a great deal of space because the racks can be stacked upwards. It’s also relatively inexpensive, but it takes FOREVER to assemble because the instructions were terribly vague.

ShoesShoe Rack from Qoo10, $14.90 for 7-tier rack (can be stacked)

4. Mirror Storage

If you love your accessories, you NEED this mirror and jewellery cabinet from Qoo10 – it stores multiple pairs of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. It even has a lock so you can keep valuables (and your secrets) in there.

Mirrors CombinedMirror and Jewellery Cabinet from Qoo10, $169

5. Accessories

A pigeon hole shelf, like the KALLAX from IKEA ($99), is great for storing accessories and other knick knacks. You can also use it as extra shelf space for folded clothes. Again, this was pretty heavy so you should opt for home delivery (unless you have a strapping young man to help you lug it home). A worthy buy because it’s fairly easy to assemble…and all the cool kids on Pintrest have one.


6. The Small Stuff

I never knew how hard it was to find a vanity tray around here, until well, I started searching for one. Crate and Barrel has a small selection of vanity trays, but they’re quite pricey. If you’re a cheapskate like me, use a white rectangular plate as a vanity tray instead (Daiso or MUJI has them). You can also check out Taobao for vanity trays (try searching for ‘水果盘’ – no idea why, but I guess people in China like their fruit on fancy silver trays).

Vanity Tray 1White rectangular plate from Daiso, $2

Vanity-Tray-2Vanity Tray/Fruit Platter from Taobao, $8 (38 yuan)

7. Stuff You Need To Hide SOMEWHERE

You know, like clothes you don’t really wear but don’t want to give away because what if coloured jeans are back in fashion next season?! Store them in these handy IKEA SKUBB boxes, which fit nicely under your bed or in a closet.

SKUBBIKEA SKUBB Storage Box, $7.90

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