Handbag Hacks Every Girl Should Know

When it comes to handbags, there’s nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing a stain or crease on a beloved bag. Here are some easy ways to keep your designer bags in tip-top shape.

1. Stuff your handbags with old T-shirts

Instead of stuffing your handbags with loose pieces of tissue or craft paper, try old t-shirts instead. It’s much neater, and you won’t have loose bits of tissue flying around every time you want to use the bag.

Stuff TShirt Handbag

2. Use a plastic board as a base shaper

If there’s one #firstworldproblem that really gets us, it’s how handbags get bent out of shape when carrying heavy items like bottled water. You can easily buy a base shaper online, but if you’re a cheapskate (hey, no judging) then just make one yourself with some inexpensive plastic board (easily available at Popular bookstore or Art Friend). Here’s a handy YouTube tutorial on how to measure and cut the plastic board to fit the base of your bag.

Bag Plastic Base Shaper(Source: pimpmyspeedy.com)

3. Get a bag organiser

Getting ready in the morning is enough work as it is, especially if you’re the type who changes handbags to suit your OOTD everyday. Invest in a bag organiser to keep all your purse essentials, so you can easily transfer your stuff from one bag to another. Who cares if bag organisers are aunty? At least you’ll be able to find your keys easily. #auntypride

Bag Organiser Mochi Things(Source: mochithings.com)

4. Make a catalogue of your bag collection

While we’re on the topic of changing handbags often, here’s a good tip for the ladies out there who own so many bags, that you sometimes forget you had some of them (lucky you). Take individual photos of the bags in your collection, then store them in your phone in a separate folder. This may sound somewhat tedious, but it will save you a lot of time when you’re trying to decide on your OOTD. Just flip through the photos while you’re getting ready, and you can decide on which bag to use for the day.

Bag Catalogue

5. Get a good care kit

If you’re especially precious about your handbags, invest in a good bag care kit such as Apple Garde’s range of leather cleaners and stain repellents. We recommend Apple Garde’s Rain and Stain Repellent, which helps to prevent water and colour transfer stains – so you don’t have to worry as much when using your designer bag on a day-to-day basis. All you have to do is spray a coat or two on your handbag (preferably when it’s new) and reapply every 3 months or so. It beats sending your handbag to expensive professional cleaners, and having to wait a month to get it back.

Apple Garde and Leather Cleaner

6. Use a safety pin to help thread a loose drawstring

Drawstring on your dust bag come loose? Hook a safety pin through the end of the drawstring before inserting it back into the loop – this will make threading the drawstring much easier.

Safety Pin Drawstring La Vie En May(Source: lavieenmay.com)

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