What Guys Think Of Fashion Trends


Ever wondered how to pick the perfect OOTD, or what to wear to a wedding? Blogger Jessica Tham answers all of your Fashion FAQs in this column about all things fashion!

Let’s face it – when it comes to fashion, most girls and guys are on different wavelengths. What may seem fashionable to a girl can seem completely crazy to a guy (i.e. cape blazers). So do the men really not get it? We get three regular (and somewhat clueless) guys to share their thoughts on popular fashion trends.

The Panel

Silas, 29

Mostly sticks to casuals like jeans, tees and sneakers. He’s also Jessica’s fiancée (they’re getting married this September), and has seen her wear everything from fascinators to pom pom shoes.


Charles, 25

Says he’s not quite a fashionable guy, and usually wears basics from Giordano and Cotton On. He looks pretty good in a tux though.

Charles Ng

Michael, 27

A guy’s guy who stays safe when it comes to fashion choices. “Nothing crazy, like a shiny velvet blazer,” he says. His idea of dressing up is to throw on a polo tee and dark-wash jeans.


Silas, what’s the craziest thing Jessica has ever worn?

Silas: I think 95% of her clothes are pretty crazy (the remaining 5% being sleepwear). She wears the craziest things on special occasions, like at a wedding – poofy long skirts and heels with furry pom poms stuck to the back. I tell her it looks crazy but I think most of my comments go unheard.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a girl wearing on the streets of Singapore?

Charles: Some kind of Korean-looking beanie with a graphic sweater. It wasn’t out of the ordinary, except it was a really hot afternoon. I was like, wah confirm crazy one. I’ve also seen a couple of crazy Harajuku wannabes on the street.

Michael: I once saw a girl in a poofy purple jumpsuit. The jumpsuit itself wasn’t all that bad, but the cut didn’t really suit her frame. She looked like a walking brinjal (eggplant).

What do you think of this cape blazer Jessica is wearing?


Silas: A black cape blazer is a classy, timeless piece. It makes great outerwear for any occasion, and is easy to match with most outfits.

Charles: It looks like it might fall off…aren’t there supposed to be armholes? I don’t quite get it. It kind of looks like someone tried to alter a blazer but got lazy so they were just like, ‘Tadah! Here’s a cape blazer instead’.

Michael: It looks alright in this photo, but if I saw it on the street it might seem strange. Like something Batman would wear.

What do you think of headpieces (i.e. fascinators) – yay or nay?


Silas: Nay! Too crazy for me. I’d definitely judge you if you wore that on the street!

Charles: Nay! It probably takes a lot of confidence to wear a fascinator on the street, but I’d get the impression that the girl is trying too hard to be fashionable.

Michael: Quite ridiculous to wear this on the street. Or ever!

So when would be an appropriate time to wear a fascinator (besides meeting the Queen)?

Silas: Perhaps when you’re meeting the King? Actually, there is never a suitable occasion to wear a fascinator…unless it’s for a photo shoot or something.

Charles: If my fiancée (and fashion guru) Sarah tells me it’s an acceptable occasion to wear a fascinator in public.

Michael: At the races? But there isn’t really a race culture here, so I guess never.

Menswear vests are quite on trend this season. What do you think – should girls stop borrowing from the boys, or are you cool with this trend?


Silas: I’m cool with this trend. Personally, I quite like it!

Charles: I think there’s something hot about girls borrowing from the boys. It makes me feel like, wahhh she actually wants to wear my clothes?

Michael: Vests are okay and don’t look particularly weird or anything. Might be kind of warm for Singapore’s weather though, no?

Speaking of borrowing from the boys – what do you think of girls wearing sneakers? (i.e. Converse, New Balance)


Silas: It’s cool when girls wear sneakers. In fact, I’ve always wanted Jessica and I to wear matching sneakers. I don’t think girls have to wear heels to look good.

Charles: I like it! There’s something attractive about a girl who can pull off a dress with sneakers. It’s like, tee hee I’m sweet and demure but I’m also cool and exciting.

Michael: Sneakers are pretty cool and versatile, but I’m not too sure about pairing them with dresses and skirts. I guess if you can pull them off, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

What do you think the following are (No Googling!):

1. Culottes

Silas: The body shaping thingy? (Ed note: You mean Spanx?!)

Charles: Oh God…err…sleeves? Or cufflinks, but for girls?

Michael: Something delicious. Oh…it’s a type of clothing? Um. Something for your bottom half?

Winner: Michael – but only barely.

2. Skorts

Silas: A type of skirt? It’s just one letter different from the word ‘skirt’.

Charles: Ahh, I know this! I like this trend. It’s the shorts with the two pointy things that look like a skirt right? (Ed note: Strange way to describe it, but correct nonetheless. Reference pic here.)

Michael: Based on the word, I’m guessing it’s something like a skirt that’s actually a pair of shorts?

Winner: Charles had the most accurate answer.

3. Peplum

Silas: A type of accessory for your hands?

Charles: I know this one too! Peplums are the ones with the flap to hide the stomach right?

Michael: Aren’t they the skirts that are kind of poofy?

Winner: Charles – yes, peplums do indeed hide muffin tops.

4. Flatforms

Silas: I know this one – it’s shoes that don’t have heels right?

Charles: Um…are they slippers with extra padding or foam?

Michael: Flats that have a raised platform?

Winner: Michael

5. Mandals

Silas: A hair pin?

Charles: I think I’m wrong but I wanna say unisex sandals?

Michael: Sandals inspired by men? Correct right?.

Winner: Tie between Charles and Michael (Ed note: OMG Silas…a hair pin? Really??)

What are your thoughts on palazzo pants?


Silas: Don’t like them!!

Charles: Not a fan of them. I would probably poke fun at you if you wore them to the office hehe.

Michael: They look quite comfy… I could see a girl wearing them at a beach or resort maybe? Might look a bit strange on the streets of Singapore, but I guess if you’ve got the confidence to pull them off, then sure. Nothing against these pants.

If you were a girl, how would you pull off these pants?


Silas: Bring them to a tailor to make them narrower. (Ed note: But then they would just be regular pants!)

Charles: Make them really, really short?

Michael: I would probably only wear them if I wanted to feel comfortable. Or if I had fat legs to cover up I guess? (Ed note: Palazzo pants make your legs look bigger, FYI.)

OK, last trend – distressed boyfriend jeans. What do you think of them?


Silas: I love this trend! I’m all for girls borrowing from the boys.

Charles: Hmm, I have mixed feelings about distressed jeans. They can look cool if they’re subtle and not too over-the-top. However, they can also give the “Why? No money to buy clothes ah?” kind of vibe, you know? Especially if you try to DIY distressed jeans.

Michael: Distressed jeans are kind of stupid. Maybe if they only had a few patches then they’d be fine, but not too the point where you look like a vagabond you know?

What are some fashion trends you’ve seen that you actually like?

Silas: Distressed jeans – paired with a basic top and heels.

Charles: I personally like cut-outs…do you know what I’m referring to? You know, the dresses that have holes in the side or front? (Ed note: In the front?? Isn’t that indecent exposure?!) I also like skorts and rompers. Rompers are comfortable and easy to wear, so I think it makes girls more confident.

Michael: I like rompers because they can look quite cute on a girl. Polka dots or cute prints can be nice too.

What are some fashion trends you just don’t understand?

Silas: Flowy pants and jumpsuits – aren’t they better off as sleepwear?

Charles: Harem pants – why would anyone want to look like Ali Baba?! Oh, and houndstooth prints – they give me a headache. (Ed note: Headache-inducing indeed.)

Michael: Cropped tops are a bit funny, especially if they expose your midriff. Why would you want to buy half a blouse only? I also find harem pants a bit strange – like pants a genie would wear. And what are you trying to hide in your pants anyway??

Lastly, do you have any advice for girls who want to try a fashion trend?

Silas: It’s best to see how other fashionistas wear the trend, then interpret it in your own way. This reduces chances of being a walking fashion disaster.

Charles: The key to rocking any trend is confidence – it really shows in whatever outfit you’re wearing. Confidence is way more valuable than anything you can pick off the rack.

Michael: Confidence definitely goes a long way. Also, knowing what suits your body type.

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