Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Should Have


Ever wondered how to pick the perfect OOTD, or what to wear to a wedding? Blogger Jessica Tham answers all of your Fashion FAQs in this column about all things fashion!


Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Should Have


So you’re standing in front of your closet in mild panic, trying to decide what to wear as you frantically check the time on your phone. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. #firstworldproblems

While on-trend items like culottes and gladiator sandals may have been staples in your recent repertoire of OOTDs, they’re not exactly the sort of items that will last you through the seasons. So how do you decide which pieces are timeless and versatile enough to justify a splurge? We get Jessica Tham (@tippytapp) to show us some of her wardrobe essentials.

1. Black Dress


Well, of course the infallible Black Dress had to be on this list. I mean, it’s classic, flattering and one of those outfits you can always fall back on when you can’t decide what to wear. What’s not to love about it?

Jessica Tham Tippytapp Black Dress 3(Source: tippytapp Instagram)

Depending on your figure type, classic shapes like a shift or A-Line cut will easily see you through many seasons and occasions. Go for one in a sturdier material (this isn’t something you want to scrimp on) and without any embellishments or weird text printed on it (i.e. ‘BABYGAL’ printed across the chest – hey, it happens).

2. Classic Statement Bag


We’re not saying that you should dash into Chanel right away and buy a new bag (and anyway, it is most unladylike to be dashing anywhere ahem), but the key is to find a quality bag in a timeless shape and colour.

While bucket bags and backpacks may be on-trend this season, classics like the Chanel 2.55 have lasted through the years – and for good reason too, since it can be paired with both daytime and evening outfits.

Jessica Tham Tippytapp Chanel Jumbo 2(Source: tippytapp Instagram)

If in doubt, always go for a neutral colour (black may seem boring, but you will find it to be exceedingly versatile we promise you) and a size that is just big enough to fit your daily essentials. Good quality hardware is also important – it can make the difference between looking chic or cheap.

3. Leather Ballet Flats

Jessica Tham Tippytapp Chanel Flats

While pumps never fail to dress up an outfit, they’re not exactly the most comfortable shoes around. Enter the ingenious ballet flat – a hybrid of both style and comfort. When picking a pair of ballet flats, go for a classic leather pair with a bit of embellishment or detail. They’ll be dressy enough for work, and comfortable enough for weekend wear.

Jessica Tham Tippytapp Chanel Flats 2(Source: tippytapp Instagram)

4. Casual Oversized Shirt

Jessica Tham Casual Shirt

The casual oversized shirt should be a staple in your wardrobe simply because it’s just so easy. Pair it with shorts to stay cool and comfy while running errands, or tuck it into skinny jeans for Casual Fridays at the office.

Jessica Tham Tippytapp Oversized Shirt 4(Source: tippytapp Instagram)

5. Denim Shorts


Denim shorts are one of those things that you need to have when you live in a tropical country like Singapore. Whether you pair them with a tank top or oversized shirt, denim shorts are a constant for casual, everyday outfits.

Jessica Tham Tippytapp Denim Shorts 2(Source: tippytapp Instagram)

Got any fashion-related questions for Jessica? Email us or leave a comment below. For more of Jessica, follow her on Instagram or check out her blog. Check out other fashion articles from her Fashion FAQs column here.

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