Tippytapp’s Handbag Collection


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Tippytapp’s Handbag Collection

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Designer handbags may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to admit – they sure are purrrrty *insert heart eye emoji here*. We get fashion blogger Jessica Tham (@tippytapp) to show us some highlights from her handbag collection.

Oh, and if you haven’t already seen her amazing walk-in closet, check it out here.

1. Celine Classic Box Bag


The Celine Classic Box Bag may be quite pricey, but its timeless shape will see you through the years to come. Jessica’s version in coffee brown is a versatile option, as it goes well with both light and dark colours.

What do you love about your Celine Classic Box Bag?

Despite its structured box shape, the Celine Classic Box Bag is actually quite spacious and functional. The strap length is also adjustable, so it can worn on the shoulder or cross body.

I got it in coffee brown, because I think the colour will age better with wear (and hide any scratches!).

What do you not love as much?

The calfskin version is actually quite delicate and prone to scratches, so I’m extra careful when using it. I’ll protect it with my life from strangers and items that might scratch it! Haha.

I don’t use any protectant sprays on the bag, but I store it in its dust bag in an upright position. I probably wouldn’t buy this bag in another version though, because it’s pretty high-maintenance and I’m not one to baby my bags.


2. Chanel Boy Bag


The Chanel Boy Bag needs no introduction, because it’s on pretty much every woman’s designer bag lust list. From the signature Chanel quilted design to the updated chain strap, this is one boy that will never break your heart (yup, pun intended).

What do you love about the Chanel Boy Bag?

The Chanel Boy is my go-to bag because it matches with a lot of outfits and is the perfect size for both daytime and evening use. This particular version in patent is also quite hardy, as it’s scratch-proof. Plus, patent leather doesn’t get bent out of shape easily.

What do you not love as much?

Ehh..actually I can’t think of anything. It’s my favourite bag and I use it all the time! I think I’d get it in a smaller size too, if I came across a colour and design that I like.


3. Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag


Mansur Gavriel took the fashion world by storm when they launched their coveted bucket bags, to the point where there was even a waiting list for the bag. The collection has since branched out to include other styles (and shoes as well), but the brand’s iconic bucket bags still remain popular.

What do you love about the bag?

The Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag is really light and spacious, so it’s great if you’re the type who usually carries around a lot of stuff. It’s a good bag for casual days and I love how the inside of the bag is a different colour from the outside.

What do you not love as much?

The vegan leather is very prone to scratches. In fact, mine got a deep scratch when I was out and about in Orchard one day – I had only used it less than 5 times then! *cry

To maintain the shape of the bag, I always make sure that the drawstring is tied tightly before storing it. You can also stuff the bag to be extra safe, but it’s quite structured so the shape holds well.


4. Furla Metropolis Crossbody Bag


The Furla Metropolis bag has been making waves recently, and for good reason too. Reasonable price point aside, the classic bag also comes in a myriad of pretty colours. Oh, and have we mentioned how cute it is?!

What do you love most about the Furla Metropolis bag?

The bag is quite versatile, because you can work it for different occasions. Sometimes I wear it as a cross body bag with casual outfits, or slung on the shoulder for dressier outfits. The bag also has a classic shape with simple and elegant hardware, so it’s quite a timeless style.

What do you not love as much?

The mini size is quite small, so you’ll probably have to downsize if you use this bag on a daily basis. I still love the bag though, and I’m thinking of getting it in a different colour or style!


5. Prada Ruched Leather Clutch


Prada may not have as much street cred as Chanel around here, but you have to admit that they do their classic leather bags well.

What do you love about your Prada Ruched Leather Clutch?

It’s lightweight and surprisingly roomy for a clutch. Plus, the leather is buttery soft! The colour is also a pretty shade of nude pink, so it goes well with printed or bright outfits.

What do you not love as much?

The inner lining is made of faux leather, so it started flaking after sometime and created quite a mess inside the bag. I had to go back to the Prada store to get the inner lining changed, and it was quite awhile before I got it back.

I probably wouldn’t buy it in a different colour or size though, because I rarely use clutches.


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