Guide To OOTD Poses


Ever wondered how to pick the perfect OOTD, or what to wear to a wedding? Blogger Jessica Tham answers all of your Fashion FAQs in this column about all things fashion!


Guide To OOTD Poses

OOTD poses may look #casual on Instagram, but anyone who’s tried will know that it’s much harder than it looks. We get fashion blogger (and posing pro) Jessica Tham to give us the low down on popular OOTD poses.

1. The Looking Down Bashfully

Never know where to look when you’re posing for your #OOTD? Try The Looking Down Bashfully, which is an easy way to deflect any potential awkwardness in front of the camera. To execute the pose, casually tuck your hand into your pocket (or pretend to tuck your hair behind your ear), smile bashfully while looking down and be all like, “Oh gosh, all this camera action is making me shy yo.”


Insider Tips

  1. Cross one of your legs behind the other so you don’t look too stiff.
  2. Smile while looking down, so you won’t look like you’re just uh, staring blankly at the ground.

2. The #GirlBoss

You don’t have to be an actual #GirlBoss to pull off this pose (although it would probably give you more street cred). All you need is a pair of sunnies, your phone and a “Don’t bother me, I’m busy being awesome” attitude. Who run da world? GURLZ. #word


Insider Tips

  1. It is important that you walk verrrrry slowly for the shot. Yes, you’ll feel kind of stupid while doing so, but you don’t want a blurry photo do you?
  2. It may seem unnatural, but try walking diagonally towards the camera (instead of forward in a straight line). This way, you’ll get more of your outfit in the shot, rather than just your side profile.
  3. Watch out for incoming cars if you’re attempting this pose on a busy road. Ain’t no OOTD pic worth your life k.

3. The Off Duty Kpop Star

The Off Duty Kpop Star requires a bit more skill, but that’s not to say you can’t do it with some practice. First, you’ll need a pair of sunnies – because (imaginary) paparazzi, duh.

Next, find some stairs to strut down purposefully. Like you’re rushing for a meeting with your stylists and PR peeps, after a quick catch-up sesh with your pal Sandara Park. Seal the deal with an “I’m fabulous even when I’m off duty plz” expression.

The-Off-Duty-KPop-Star 1

Insider Tips

  1. Get your photographer to take the photo from a lower angle, so you look taller (and more #fabulous).
  2. Turn your face in the opposite direction that you’re walking, like you’re looking out for any paparazzi on the prowl.
  3. I know you’re meant to be strutting like a diva, but it is crucial that you walk slowly for the photo. Be sure not to swing your arms or bag too much either, or they might appear blurry in the photo.

4. The ‘I’ll Be Back’

The ‘I’ll Be Back’ only works if your OOTD has interesting back details, or if you want to look mysterious/coy. This pose may take some practice though, so prep your photographer (read: patient boyfriend/husband) on what you’re going to do.

Start by slowly walking away with your back turned, then look back and turn your head towards the camera. Your expression should convey some form of surprise, like “Oh! I didn’t know you were taking a photo of me while I was pretending to walk away from you.” Smile coyly for added affect.

The-Ill-Be-Back 1

Insider Tips

  1. Again, don’t walk too fast or your shots might end up being blurry.
  2. Angle your body slightly as you turn your head towards the camera, so that the pose doesn’t look awkward.

5. The Arm Clutch

The Arm Clutch is a good pose for newbies, because it’s relatively easy to execute. Also, you don’t have to worry about where to place your arms while posing. #firstworldproblems

This pose works pretty much anywhere and everywhere, too. Just find a nice wall or pillar to lean against, clutch your wrist with the other hand, then look to the corner like you’re waiting for Bae to pick you up.


Insider Tips

  1. Relax your arms and clutch your wrist gently. You want to look #casual, not like you’re having a nervous breakdown.
  2. To avoid looking stiff, tilt your head slightly and give the slightest smile.

6. The Shampoo Commercial

The Shampoo Commercial should only be done if you have fabulous hair and a somewhat experienced photographer. You see, there’s a fine line between looking easy breezy and uh, like a typhoon just swept in.

To get the shot, walk away from the camera then quickly turn your head to look back. Smile. Laugh. Channel your inner windswept goddess.


Insider Tips

  1. To capture the right moment, get your photographer to use Burst Mode to take a series of photos.
  2. Don’t spin your head too quickly, or your hair will most likely cover your face.

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