Guide To Fall Fashion Trends


Ever wondered how to pick the perfect OOTD, or what to wear to a wedding? Blogger Jessica Tham answers all of your Fashion FAQs in this column about all things fashion!


Guide To Fall Fashion Trends


Even though we don’t have four seasons in Singapore (sob), that doesn’t mean you can’t work seasonal fashion trends into your wardrobe. From tricky jumpsuits to fall-inspired fedoras, Jessica Tham (@tippytapp) shows us how to pull off some of this season’s most popular trends.

1. Distressed Denim

Distressed jeans can get pretty tricky if you’re not built like a model. For starters, the looser boyfriend fit and light wash tend to be less flattering than dark wash skinny jeans – especially if you’re bottom-heavy. Distressed jeans can also look somewhat unkempt if you’re not careful – it’s a fine line between #normcore and homeless vagabond, my friends.


So why even bother with the distressed denim trend, you may ask. Well, if not for the street cred you’ll get, then do it for the sole fact that they are so much more comfortable than skinny jeans. Gone are the days where you have to swear, struggle and squeeze yourself into a pair of skinny jeans, muffin tops be damned.

With distressed jeans, you can just slip right in and zip them up with ease. You can even do a cartwheel in them if you please. If you ask me, distressed jeans are basically like socially acceptable sweat pants.


To keep the look pulled together, pair your distressed jeans with a smart white shirt. Add a pop of colour with a pair of fun pumps (or slip-on sneakers if you’re more about comfort), but keep accessories to a minimum as distressed jeans can look a bit busy.


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2. Culottes

Ahh Culottes…one of the most comfortable fashion trends to ever grace our closets. I mean, can we take a moment now to appreciate how breezy they make you feel? Thank you Fashion Gods, for finally giving us a pants trend that doesn’t make us want to unabashedly unzip our pants after eating.

Culottes come in various cuts and colours, but if you want to play it safe, go for a pair that is fitted in the waist with a flattering A-line cut. While black is always safe and versatile, mix things up a bit with a pair in a pretty pastel shade. The lighter colour will show off details better.


To keep from looking too frumpy, pair your culottes with a cropped or fitted top. Since the cropped length of culottes will draw more attention to your ankles, complete the look with a pair of strappy heels.


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3. Lace Up Flats

Thanks to cult brands like Aquazzura, lace-up shoes have been all the rage this season. They may seem like the fussiest of shoes, but lace-ups are actually surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear.


The best thing about lace-up flats is that they can be worn with both dressy or casual outfits. Pair them with a simple shift dress for when you’re out running errands, or with a crop top and midi skirt for a dressier look.


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4. Hat

Most people would probably scoff at the idea of wearing a hat in Singapore (“So hot you wanna wear a hat for what?!”) but hey, nobody ever said that fashion trends had to make sense.

Although most of us would probably only dare to wear hats on overseas trips (where you know you won’t be judged), you can still incorporate a fedora into your everyday outfits – yes, even in Singapore.


The trick is to keep the rest of your outfit casual (obviously you don’t want to be prancing around town in your coat and boots), so that you don’t look too over-the-top.

When choosing a hat, go for one in a lighter, neutral colour so that it looks more summery. Also, try to pick a hat with a narrower brim so that it doesn’t overwhelm your head.

The best part about wearing a hat? You don’t have to style (or wash) your hair to look OOTD-ready. Those haters ain’t got nothing on you.


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5. Jumpsuits

If you’ve ever tried on a jumpsuit, you’d probably know that they are one of the trickiest fashion trends to pull off. They are also exceedingly troublesome to deal with when you have to pee.

However, jumpsuits can make quite a statement when pulled off well, so don’t avoid the trend just because you don’t have mile-long legs.


Jumpsuits can look a bit overwhelming on smaller frames, so use a belt to define your waist and create more shape. Complete the look with a pair of fail-proof nude pumps – they will elongate your legs and make your outfit look more polished.

If you’re bottom-heavy and afraid of a potential diaper butt situation, throw on a vest over your jumpsuit. It will hide big hips and add some variation to your outfit.


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