Chinese New Year Outfit Ideas


Ever wondered how to pick the perfect OOTD, or what to wear to a wedding? Blogger Jessica Tham answers all of your Fashion FAQs in this column about all things fashion!

Chinese New Year Outfit Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, when you have a legitimate excuse to shop for new clothes. We get fashion blogger Jessica Tham (@tippytapp) to show us how to work popular trends into your Chinese New Year wardrobe this year.

1. Floral Prints

With Gucci making a fashion comeback last year, florals have taken centre stage in our wardrobes. No, we’re not referring to the dowdy floral prints that only your grandma would wear – we’re talking bold, bright and well, beautiful. And what better occasion to parade this colourful trend than Chinese New Year?

Retailers have gone all out to work floral embroidery into anything from blouses to jeans, but if you really want to embrace the trend, we say go for a bright floral dress. Trust us, you don’t have to be a sweet young thing to pull it off – anyone can work the trend, as long as you pay attention to the cut, fabric and colour of the dress.

If you want a dressier look, avoid floral dresses in lighter fabrics, which can seem a bit more casual. Instead, pick one in a weightier fabric so that it holds the shape of the dress better. Embellishments will also help to dress up the look.

As with all things in life, balance is key. Pair your floral dress with neutral accessories and shoes, so that the outfit doesn’t look too over-the-top. Blush shades, in particular, tend to complement lighter colours, so this is the perfect occasion to bust out your favourite nude accessories.

2. Neutral Shades

Not a fan of bright colours and prints? Hey, there’s nothing wrong with going neutral. Seeing as how Chinese New Year calls for lighter colours though, skip the dark shades and pick a pretty beige or light grey instead. If you’re afraid of looking washed out, go a bit heavier with your makeup and finish off with a bright lipstick.

A flowy, maxi-length skirt will keep the outfit from looking drab, and as an added bonus, you can do twirling OOTDs too. If you dare, a low-cut neckline is a bold alternative to traditional ones – just balance it out with a longer hemline and sleeve length. Skip the low-cut neckline if you’re busty though – unless you want your gossipy aunties judging you, that is.

3. Bardot Necklines

The Bardot trend has been wildly popular this past year, and for good reason too. Not only is the off-shoulder neckline flattering on most body types and face shapes, but it’s also perfect for Singapore’s warm and humid climate. An off-shoulder maxi dress is the perfect outfit option for casual gatherings (can anyone say steamboat party?), because it’s flattering and comfortable. What more can you ask from a dress right?

While we like how the off-shoulder neckline accentuates features in a sexy but subtle way, we love how the longer maxi hemline means that you don’t have to worry about your skirt riding up. After all, what use is a pretty dress if you can’t even enjoy wearing it eh? For a more figure-flattering look, pick a dress that has a sash to cinch your waist.

Complete the look with some lace-up sandals, a nice pedicure and your favourite mini bag. Now you’re all set.

Got any fashion-related questions for Jessica? Email us or leave a comment below. For more of Jessica, follow her on Instagram or check out her blog. Check out other fashion articles from her Fashion FAQs column here.

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