Best Dressed Celebrity Children

Who says only adults get to be fabulous? These best dressed celebrity children will make you think twice about walking out of the house in pajama pants again. As Kaiser Karl says, sweatpants are a sign of defeat.

Alia Wang

Alexander Wang‘s 3 year-old niece Alia Wang has New York street style down to a T. Spotted in several too-cool-for-school all-black ensembles, Alia always looks Vogue-chic and camera ready. We also love that she has a mini Alexander Wang Rocco Bag to tote around town…guess it’s always handy to have a talented designer in the family.

No florals and pinks for this cool cat. (Source: Alia Wang Tumblr)

Suri Cruise

Despite all the papa drama she’s been going through lately, Suri Cruise hasn’t let that affect her fabulous fashion sense. One of the pioneers of the little ladylike look, she’s often photographed in miniature versions of the latest trends. Kudos to her for rocking matching outfits with her mom Katie Holmes. Who says matching outfits are passé?

Suri Cruise proves that you’re never too young to be fabulous. (Source:

Harper Seven Beckham

I guess having Posh Spice as your mom has its perks. Despite her perpetual sourpuss expression à la Victoria Beckham, Harper Seven Beckham has an enviable wardrobe…and she’s only a year old. Oh, and did we mention that she’s already started dance classes? Guess she’s had to up the ante, what with all these young Kpop stars for competition.

Harper Beckham looking classy in a gray peacoat and pretty hairband. (Source:

Flynn Bloom

When your parents are Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr and Legolas (aka Orlando Bloom), you know you’ve won the genetic lottery. This doesn’t stop Flynn Bloom from looking dapper in his smart casual outfits. Guess it helps that he’s always photographed with his hot mom.

Miranda Kerr & Son Flynn Bloom Leave Their NYC Apartment Flynn Bloom is one of his mom’s best accessories. (Source: Pictures of Babies)

Kai Rooney

Kai Rooney is probably the only toddler who can rock a football jersey without looking like a mismatched sports fan (in their bright red Ronaldo jerseys that do nothing at all for their potbellies). Guess it helps that he’s got football talent in his blood, seeing as how his dad is Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney. Oh and did we mention that he also has big blue eyes? Watch out ladies, this one’s going to be a real charmer.

Kai RooneyKai Rooney strikes a pose in his cute jersey. (Source: Parent Dish)

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