Travel Beauty Hacks

Want to up your makeup game or get tried and test skincare tips? Beauty blogger Candice Chen shares her expertise in this column about makeup and skincare hacks!

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Travel Beauty Hacks

Planning a trip to somewhere cold? Here’s how to keep your skin and makeup looking on point while travelling.


1. What are some beauty essentials you always take with you on the plane?

I am hardcore serious about moisturising on long haul flights, because I don’t want to start a trip with parched or stressed skin – it’s harder for makeup to sit nicely over troubled skin. The one beauty product I’ve consistently brought on board with me is the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules, because it acts as a protection barrier under other skin care products. The capsules can also be used on elbows, cuticles and the ends of your hair.

I also like the LANEIGE Water Bank series for the plane. Layer the Water Bank Essence_Ex with the Water Bank Moisture Cream, then top it off with the Water Sleeping Mask – your skin will feel plumped and smooth after, but not greasy. They also have a travel kit for these products, if you are too lazy to decant them into travel-sized bottles.


2. Masking on long plane rides – yay or nay?

Yay! Some people like to go all out and use sheet masks on the plane, but I personally find them a bit too messy. Plus, I don’t want the sticky fluids in my hair or running down my neck. I prefer to apply a layer of leave-on hydrating mask, such as Jurlique’s Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream Mask.

3. What are some ways to combat dry or flaky skin while travelling?

Bring a moisturiser that is heavier than what you would normally use in Singapore, as well as a hydrating serum if you have one. If you are prone to flaking, think about investing in serums or creams that contain ceramide (i.e. Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Capsules).

If you want to be ghetto about it though, you can try what I usually do and apply petroleum jelly over areas prone to flaking. This helps to protect your skin in extremely dry weather.

4. Help! I need to look somewhat decent when I get off the plane. What is a quick way to freshen up without ruining my makeup?

If I need to keep my makeup on, I usually apply a hydrating serum that contains hyaluronic acid. During the flight, I’ll use a hydrating face mist – such as the LANEIGE Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist – so that I can refresh my skin without ruining my makeup. Try to avoid sprays which contain alcohol though (i.e. Caudalie’s Elixir), because you want to lock in the moisture, not strip it away.

I also try not to apply any powder before the flight, since the air on board is already dry. I usually just touch up with some concealer and blush, then finish off with a little powder before landing.


5. I get super puffy after a long plane-ride. Any tips on how to avoid water retention while travelling?

Drink plenty of water and avoid all those salty snacks that they hand out on the plane. It helps if you consume less carbs prior to and on the flight too. Get up every couple of hours to stretch and walk around, so you can get your circulation going.

6. My hair gets extra dry and limp whenever I’m in a cold country. Is there any way to fix this? I want fabulous hair, even while travelling!

Try clarifying your roots and moisturising the ends. Unlike Singapore, many countries have hard water with high mineral content, so it can sometimes leave a residue which weighs the hair down. You may even find your scalp flaking, because of the amount of build-up that the hard water is not able to remove.

Bring a small bottle of clarifying shampoo (anything that states it removes styling residue should work), or you can even just buy some at your destination. Sometimes the formulas sold in a particular country may work better for the water condition there.

You can also try a vinegar rinse – such as Yves Rocher’s Rinsing Vinegar – which breaks down residue that the hard water can’t. Massage it into your hair after shampooing, leave it in for a few minutes, then rinse the product off. Avoid using clarifying shampoo or a vinegar rinse if you have just coloured your hair though, because these products can strip colour away.


7. What are some beauty tools you always need to have while travelling?

Tweezers, double-ended makeup brushes (to save space!) and roomy pouches for all my skincare and beauty products. I also bring nail polish remover sachets on longer trips, so I can redo my nail polish on the go.

8. You’re a pro at both beauty and travelling. Any tips on how to save space in your travel beauty pouch?

Skincare products can be quite bulky, so I always save deluxe-sized samples to bring with me on trips. I also bring double-ended makeup brushes to save space.

For eye makeup, consider bringing a bigger palette with different colour options, so you can do multiple looks with a single palette. Blush palettes are good too, especially the ones with soft and neutral shades. Tartes’ Amazonian 12-Hour Blush in Exposed or Sensual are versatile shades – they give a hint of colour and dimension, while also sculpting your cheeks.

For lips, I usually bring one neutral everyday shade, one bright shade (i.e. pink or orange) and one deeper, more elegant shade. These should cover you for most occasions on your trip, and you can always mix the colours too.


For more of Candice’s beauty escapades, check out her blog or follow her on Instagram. Stay tuned to this column for more makeup and skincare hacks!

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