Taobao Guide To Useful Beauty Tools

Ingenious (and slightly strange) tools that will make your beauty routine much easier. Gotta love Taobao, huh?

Makeup Tools

Makeup Brush Protector

An effective and inexpensive way to prevent your makeup brushes from getting bent out of shape.

(Source: 天使与魔鬼旗舰店)

Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

Need to give your makeup brushes a good wash? These makeup brush cleaning pads will make the job much easier. Just squeeze some makeup brush detergent onto the pad, then swirl your brushes to get all the gunk out.

(Source: mintbear旗舰店)

Makeup Brush Drying Rack

Because you should never dry wet makeup brushes bristles up. Unless you want water to seep into the bristles and loosen the glue, that is.

Makeup Sponges

Okay, so these are no BeautyBlenders, but they do have overwhelmingly positive reviews on Taobao. Plus, they’re only $2 apiece, so no harm trying right?

(Source: litfly旗舰店)

Falsies Applicator

Perfect for those with clumsy fingers.

(Source: 天姿彩妆)

Useful Keywords

化妆品 Cosmetics
化妆刷 Makeup Brushes
洗 Wash
网 Net
工具 Tool
收纳 Organizing
假睫毛 Falsies
贴纸 Sticker
刘海 Fringe

Face and Hair

Eyebrow Stencil

An easy-to-use sticker stencil for those who are new to drawing their eyebrows in.

(Source: lameila旗舰店)

Hair Styling Face Guard

So what if you look like an ahjumma with a sun visor? At least you won’t get blinded by hairspray or burnt by your curling tongs.

(Source: QY专售店)

Comb And Scalp Massager

A scalp massager that also doubles up as a comb for wet hair.

(Source: lameila旗舰店)

Soap Net

Behold the perfect tool for bar soap users – a simple but ever-so-useful net. This ingenious product not only prevents bar soap from slipping out of your hands in the shower, but also allows you to create lather with your soap.

(Source: 哈尼仓储批零超市)

Nose Mask

Small, triangular sheet masks that will fit the average nose, so you can spot treat the area with the right skincare products.

(Source: ovc旗舰店)

Useful Keywords

洗澡用品 Bath Tools
按摩 Massage
头皮 Scalp
亚克力 Acrylic
美甲 Manicure
面膜 Mask
磨砂/去角质 Exfoliating
泡沫网 Bubble-making Net


Nail Polish Clip

A nifty clip that allows you to display the actual colour of your nail polish. Perfect for those with a large collection of colours.

(Source: 雅涵家居用品)

Nail Polish Bottle Holder

Like Ring Pop, but with nail polish instead. Doing your own nails just got easier.

(Source: 妹子十八岁美甲)

Nail Polish Stand

To display your growing collection of nail polish bottles, of course.

(Source: 雅涵家居用品)

Useful Keywords

指甲油 Nail Polish
展示样板卡 Sample Colour Card
戒指 Ring

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