Most Instaworthy Beauty Trends Of 2016

Because who doesn’t love pretty makeup trends?

1. Flower Jelly Lipstick

From $19 per lipstick  (Shipping fee applicable), Available on Kailijumei.

Ahh…the Flower Jelly Lipstick, aka the lipstick that launched a thousand orders. First featured on Buzzfeed, the Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick supposedly changes colour according to your body temperature when applied. At $19 a pop, this is hardly a cheap lippie (especially when the colour payoff isn’t exactly great) but…but it’s just so pretty. And as you know, all pretty makeup must be bought. #girllogic


2. Rainbow Highlighter

12 – 31 USD, Available on BitterLaceBeauty (sold out at the moment), Chaos Makeup (alternative) and Naras on Amazon (alternative).

2016 sure has been the year of the rainbow – rainbow eyeshadow, hidden rainbow hairrainbow brows and of course, rainbow highlighter. When Etsy seller BitterLaceBeauty first launched their Prism Rainbow Highlighter earlier this year, people were excited. Really excited. After all, what’s not to squeal about? It’s rainbow highlighter yo. #unicornsFTW

The original Rainbow Highlighter is still out of stock at the moment (the waiting time is about 10 months), but there are several dupes that have cropped up (indicated above). Time to pimp those selfies, perhaps?

rainbow-highlighter-chaos-beauty(Source: Chaos Makeup)

3. Korean Ombre Lips

$16 – $34, Available at Laneige, Innisfree, 3CE and Etude House.

Thanks to Song Hye Kyo and her flawless beauty in Descendants of the Sun, Korean makeup trends have made a huge comeback this year. In particular, the Korean ombre lips trend – which may look strange at first glance, but is actually surprisingly wearable. The gradient effect creates a ‘just bitten’ effect on your lips, which supposedly makes you look younger and more innocent. Hey, as long as Song Hye Kyo is wearing it, we’re buying it.

There are several lip products available to create ombre lips, the most popular of which is the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar. However, you can also try a lip tint if you want a cheaper option. Just dab a little in the middle of your lips, then blend the colour outwards with your finger. Lip tints tend to have better pigmentation too, so the effect will probably be more long-wearing.


4. Highlighter Drops

42 USD, Available on Sephora (US site only, but you can buy through ezbuy).

When Cover FX first launched their Custom Enhancer Drops, they sort of well, broke the Internet. Beauty YouTubers and makeup artists all over were impressed with the highlighting and bronzing drops, which some even referred to as “liquid platinum”.

The drops are highly pigmented and come in a wide range of shades, so they can be customised for different skin tones or uses. They also look really pretty when applied (see below), so yeah…the rest is history, we say. Now go forth and glow.

cover-fx-custom-enhancer-drops-swatches(Source: Cover FX)

5. Chrome Nails

Available on request at The Nail Artelier, Princess Cottage and The Nail Status.

While we’re on the topic of shiny trends (#magpiealert), can we just take a moment to appreciate the Chrome Nails trend? The mirror-like effect is created by using chrome nail polish, metallic nail wraps and pigmented powder.

chrome-nails-the-nail-artelier(Source: The Nail Artelier)

6. Bracelet Nails

Chrome nails too over the top for you? Try Bracelet Nails instead, a popular trend in (but of course) Korea. From makeup to manicures, Korean beauty is known for its meticulous additions to simple designs – and Bracelet Nails are no exception.

First created by Korean nail art specialists Unistella, Bracelet Nails involve detailed straight lines being painstakingly drawn across each nail, embellished with metallic details. Think of them as friendship bracelets for your nails, if you will.

korean-bracelet-nails(Source: nail_unistella Instagram)

7. Metallic Balayage Hair

Available at Salon Vim, Shunji Matsuo and most top-tier hair salons in Singapore.

Now here’s a beauty trend your parents would probably never understand. After all, why would anyone willingly dye their hair grey? Answer: Because it’s cool af, that’s why.

Balayage basically refers to the specialised technique of creating soft highlights for a more natural finish. Be prepared to sit in that salon chair for a couple of hours though, because this hair trend doesn’t come quick. But hey, no one ever said that being beautiful was easy right? *flips hair*

metallic-balayage-hair(Source: Salon Vim)

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