Local Beauty Brands We Love

Singapore may just be a little red dot, but we’re also home to some pretty cool beauty brands. From handmade scrubs to gorgeous lipsticks, we round up a list of local beauty brands that are making a mark in the scene.

1. Skin Inc

Skin Inc is no doubt one of Singapore’s most well known beauty brands – and for good reason too. Using advanced skincare technology from Japan, Skin Inc specialises in customised serums that target individual needs. Besides their well-received line of customised serums, the beauty brand has also received rave reviews for its moisturisers, toners and treatment masks.

Not many local beauty brands have gone international yet, but Skin Inc already has a presence in 16 other cities – including Australia, Canada, Spain and the United States. They even got popular blogger Song of Style to fly down to Singapore for a launch last year. How’s that for making a mark in the beauty scene?

Available at Skin Inc and Sephora ION Orchard.

(Source: Skin Inc.)

(Source: Skin Inc)

2. Katfood

You could say Katfood is loco for coco – all their products are made with 100% coconut oil. Established in 2014 by former lawyer Kendra Liew, the brand only uses natural ingredients in its products. In fact, they pride themselves on their “almost edible” products, which are handmade upon order and without any chemical preservatives.

Although Katfood is still a relatively young brand, they already have a loyal following of customers who love their natural and chemical-free products. Try the Cuckoo For Cocoa Dry Shampoo, which is purr-fect (yup, pun intended) for oily hair.

Available at Katfood and Actually.

(Source: Katfood)

(Source: Katfood)

3. The Botanical Plate

As its name suggests, The Botanical Plate uses mainly plant-based ingredients for its products, and has even gone so far as to dub themselves a ‘growing planthead tribe’. From the rustic feel of the packaging to new-age beauty ingredients like flax seeds and rice powder, The Botanical Plate has all the makings of a hipster beauty brand. That’s not to say that their products are all show and no substance though – try their soothing Clay & Root Cleansing Grains, a body scrub that will leave your skin extra soft and smooth.

Available at The Botanical Plate.

(Source: The Botanical Plate)

(Source: The Botanical Plate)

4. Handmade Heroes

Not sure about what to get your girlfriends this Christmas? They just might love a Handmade Heroes gift set with some of their best sellers. All of the products at Handmade Heroes are not only vegan and cruelty-free, but 100% natural and free of preservatives and parabens as well.

Available at Handmade Heroes, Naiise (Central, Wheelock, Westgate), and Isetan Scotts.

handmade heroes

(Source: Handmade Heroes)

5. Faux Fayc

A stark difference from the other all-natural beauty brands on this list, Faux Fayc is all about drama, personality and character. The brand first started out with just one product in its range – the popular Fauxlash Mascara Duo – but today has expanded to include a selection of liquid foundation and matte lipsticks (in eight gorgeous shades) as well.

Available at Faux Fayc and KEEPERS.

(Source: Faux Fayc)

(Source: Faux Fayc)

6. Mmerci Encore

Started by a former beauty editor in Singapore, Mmerci Encore is an artisanal beauty brand that specialises in handcrafted body and aromatherapy products. From carefully-sourced essentials oils to organic body scrubs, Mmerci Encore products are perfect for a pampering night in.

Available at Mmerci EncoreKapok, KEEPERSMondays Off and TANGS Orchard.

(Source: Mmerci Encore)

(Source: Mmerci Encore)

7. DrGL

Can’t get an appointment with popular aesthetic doctor Georgia Lee? Well, you can settle for her award-winning skincare line instead. Specially formulated for Asian skin, the products are designed to provide minimum fuss with maximum efficacy. If you’ve got the extra cash, splurge on her highly raved about Collagen Essence. It may cost a whopping $198, but that’s a small price to pay for smooth and supple skin right?

Available at DrGL, Luxola, Sephora ION Orchard, TANGS Orchard and Robinsons Orchard.

(Source: DrGL)

(Source: DrGL)

8. Rachel K

Founded by former Miss Singapore Universe Rachel Kum, her eponymous beauty brand is best known for its non-sticky CC Cream. The highly-rated CC Cream is a favourite among beauty queens for its good coverage and natural finish. And hey, if there’s anyone who would know something about good makeup, it’s a winning pageant queen right?

Available on Rachel K and Luxola.

(Source: Rachel K)

(Source: Rachel K Cosmetics)

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