Best Beauty Buys


1. Kenassy Depilatory Puff, $10.10, available at Sasa, Watsons and select beauty outlets

If you’re not a fan of painful waxes or stubbly shaves, the Kenassy Depilatory Puff will be a godsend to you. This egg-shaped sponge features a rough pink side for buffing off unwanted hair, and a smooth blue pad for polishing your gams to shiny perfection (ala Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

For those of you who have been neglecting your fuzzy legs, you’ve got no excuse now (also, shame on you). This depilatory puff is so easy to use, you could probably do it while watching your weekly episode of Glee.

2. Utena Matomage Hair Wax Stick, $12.90, available at Watsons

Take it from me – I’m not one of those people with fabulous wind-swept hair, or voluminous and shiny locks. Most days when I get out of bed, my hair resembles that of a Lego man. Except flatter.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to stumble upon the Utena Matomage Hair Wax Stick, which seemed like a promising combination of convenience and cuteness (Hey, I’m a girl OK? I like cute things.)

This surprisingly useful wax stick provides a non-messy alternative to the traditional pot of hair wax, and is great for touch-ups while you’re on the go. Just slip off the cap, brush it lightly over pesky fly-aways and you’re good to go.

3. Dariya Velcro Hair Magic Sheets, $6.90 for a pack of two sheets, available at Sasa and select beauty outlets

I know what you’re thinking – Velcro should only be on a pair of Bata shoes. As dubious as it sounds, Dariya Velcro Hair Magic Sheets really do the trick. Each pack contains two rectangular sheets of Velcro patches, which you can slide onto your hair to keep it out of your face.

Unlike regular headbands or hairpins, these Velcro sheets won’t leave kinks in your hair – perfect for when you’re doing your makeup or washing your face. Just don’t forget to take them off before you leave the house.

4. Tsuke-Matuge Eyelash Applicator Clip, $6.00, available at Sasa

Applying false eyelashes has never been a skill of mine. One time, I accidentally glued my eyelids shut and thought I was going to go blind. I’ve never looked back after discovering the Tsuke-Matuge Eyelash Applicator Clip, a nifty device that makes eyelash application a breeze.

The package comes with a little crescent-shaped stand for applying glue, as well as the applicator clip, which makes it far easier to position the lashes correctly on your eyelid.

5. Hollywood Special Occasion Tape, $19.90 for a pack of 30 strips, available at Watsons and select beauty outlets

These double-sided sticky strips will prevent any unwanted nip-slips or peek-a-boobs. I know, I know – $19.90 seems a little steep for a handful of sticky tape, but I swear they’ll come in useful.

Each pack features 30 hypo-allergenic (read: you won’t get itchy) and fabric-friendly strips in five different shapes. Plunging neckline? Loose bra strap? These sticky strips will fix any fashion dilemma. Just stick a strip on the problem area to secure it in place, and peel off before washing your garment.

And no, you can’t use double-sided tape instead OK? Trust me, I tried it once and it worked fine, until I realized that the glue from the tape couldn’t be completely removed from my garment.

6. OKeyBeauty Nail Dryer, $10.90, available at Sasa

Upgrade your home manicures with the OKeyBeauty Nail Dryer, which dries freshly-painted nails in a jiffy.

Don’t be fooled by the questionable packaging , which describes the product as an ‘Electric Nail Dryer with Far Infrared Light’ (I have yet to discover the infrared light though). Although this handy little dryer is about a third the size of a salon nail dryer, it packs almost as good of a punch as the latter (albeit a bit too noisy for my liking).

Requires two AA-size batteries.